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What really grinds my gears

So far today's been another day where I've had no drive to do anything.

Play.com's sent Saw 4 already. It's the special edition and looks so cool. there's a button on the front that, if you press, it makes the disc go round and makes sounds. For some reason one order got declinded on it too. Oddness. I'm tring to order TNA X Division from an independant seller on there cause play's taking so long to get stock in.

I've got tickets for Panic! next week and Mikey's coming to see them with me. Yay! I'm stealing Spencer. it means we'll be togetehr for the anniversary too, which we didn't think we would be. Then there's a long gap in gigs/seeing Mikey till Give It A Name.

Mum was given a website with inspection results to care homes. They're given a score 1-4 (4 being the highest) in about 20 didn't areas. The one nan's in right now got about 5 three's, 4 2's and the rest X's (which means they weren't given a score). In other words, if we'd seen that report we'd have never even considered putting her in there. No wonder they're treating her like shit.

So, we've decided that, instead of having her out, we're moving her. there's a care home by where mum works (so it's in walking distance) and it's got much better result's (mostly 4's) so they'll definately look after her better. Because it's closer we can also both see her more often and mum knows people that work there. The reason we couldn't have her there in the first place is cause it has a limited number of positions.

Anyway, onto the thing that's really annoying me. Over a week ago I did a poll. It's purpose was to find out what bands I should fic more of. 25 people voted in it. Of those, just over 5 are regular commenters. The vast majority of those hardly ever comment (in fact, for the msost part, I'm scratching my head at who they are).

The majority voted for either The Used or MCR so, I do fics with both. Now, neither got even half the people that voted for them commenting. So either the people voting are busy (which doesn't account for all), read but not commented (which I hate), didn't want to read it or generally ignored it. So, until the people that voted start commenting I won't post anymore. I'll still write, but I just won't post until I know those people that want me to do certain stuff actually comments.

Basically either they comment on fics or here.

Yeah, it reallly gets to me.

Anyway I started rewriting Plaything cause I've lost it twice now, so hopefully the comp won't die on me this time roound.

I'm gonna go clear the bed and organise cards.
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