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We Found It

We Found It
Pairing: Matt Heafy/Paolo Gregoletto/Corey Beaulieu
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Bondage, toys
Notes: This is my first proper Trivium fic, though my third with Matt. When I first decided to do one I considered having it with Robb too, but when it came to it I decided not to.

I let out a soft groan, gripping onto the bunk's sheets with one hand as it thrust deep within me. This was my guilty pleasure, one that no one else knew about. I let my eyes flutter closed, pulling the rubber shaft out before slamming it back inside myself. Whenever I did this I'd be very careful to lock the tour bus door before I started. I didn't want the other's to catch me laying in my bunk, thrusting a thick dildo inside my asshole. I let out a soft sigh of pleasure as it's tip brushed my spot. Today, feeling brave, I'd decided to lay on the coach.

I felt something cover my hand, pushing the base of the shaft deep inside me. The movement, though small, sent waves of pleasure throbbing through my body, enough to make me not want to question it. Fingertips stroked my cheeks lightly. I felt someone lift up my head, slipping material over my eyes. When I opened my mouth to try and object, a rubber ring filled my mouth, keeping my lips spread open. I wondered who was doing this to me. It scared, yet excited me at the same time.

Hands grabbed my wrists, holding them together while duct tape was wrapped around them, binding them. From the amount of hands on me I guessed there was more then one person. That made my dick twitch even more. Material was stuffed in the ring's opening, silencing any sounds I could possibly make. It smelt like dirty underwear. Tasted like it too. The toy was slowly removed from my ass and I heard a voice purr above me. "You really think we didn't know?" I squirmed at Paolo's voice, my eyes widening behind the blindfold. "We found your toy Matt." He growled, slamming the rubber shaft back within me. I moaned around the underwear, my eyes lidding again in pleasure. "And we put two and two together."

We? Was it him and Corey, him and Travis or all three of them? I squirmed more, my cock leaking as he pulled out and rammed it back inside me. "After today you won't need it anymore." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. This time when he removed the shaft from my asshole he left it out of me, making me whimper behind the underwear. I heard them chuckle. "Awww, little slut misses his toy already." My legs were lifted up to my chest, exposing my ass. I clenched my hole, feeling the lube I'd used on the dildo ooze out. "Fuck..." He climbed between my leg, pressing his cock head against my opening. "I can't fucking wait any longer. Ready?" I managed to nod, wishing so badly I could see. He pushed himself inside me, slow and steady. Despite the fact he had complete control over me, I didn't think he actually wanted to hurt me. "Holy shit your tight fucking ass feels so good around me." I squeezed around him, making him groan again as he slammed the rest of the way in, feeling his balls against my ass.

He remained in position for a few moments before pulling out and rocking back within me. Paolo's fingers dug into my hips as I rested my legs on his shoulders, as he moved his cock at a steady pace. I felt the other guy's fingers on my face, stroking my skin until he pulled the boxers out from between my lips. He tipped my head back and pushed his cock between my spread lips, his balls brushing over the blindfold as he filled my throat. I wished the blindfold was gone now more then ever, same with the tape. I flicked my tongue over the head and along the topside, tracing it over the veins.

"Fuck..." I recognised his voice now, finally able to put a face to the dick down my throat. It was Corey. They both thrust in and out of my body, moving at differing paces. Paolo was moving slightly fast, while Corey's pace was much more lazy. "Screw this." He pulled out all the way, reaching behind my head and undoing both the gag and the blindfold. The material of the blindfold fell away almost instantly, while he had to remove the gag from my lips, setting it aside. I blinked at my renewed sight, taking in both of their naked body's. I'd seen them both before of course, but only brief glimpses. Both were covered in a sheen of sweat, their long hair sticking to their bodies. Corey resumed his position at my lips, and I took him between them, able to suck him properly now. I liked his cock, it was nice and thick. "Fuck, you sure know how to suck dick. God." I squeezed my lips tight around him, feeling his hands stroke my chest and pinch my nipples.

Paolo's thrusts were now wild and erratic in my depths, his shaft hitting my spot every time. I bucked my hips up desperately, trying to indicate to him that my aching shaft was desperate for attention. He took the hint and wrapped his fingers around my cock, tugging at it roughly. To me, this was heaven and I knew I wouldn't last. I just had to try my best. I kept my eyes open, staring at Corey's soft, full balls as he thrust down my throat. I came over my belly, some of it landing on the tattoo of my bound arm, moaning around Corey's dick. I couldn't keep up the treatment I'd been giving it with my tongue anymore, so just let him fuck my face roughly.

"Holy shit!" That was Paolo. As I came my ass spasmed around his length, squeezing him tight to the point were I was practically holding him in place. He released my softening cock, gripping my other hip again and using it as leverage for his thrusts. "Fuck Matt!" That's when I felt him bury his seed deep within me, painting my insides with his thick cum. I felt him pull out a few moments later, hearing him pant heavily as he fell back on the coach.

Just Corey left now.

I was able to get my tongue working once more, so I flicked it over his soft head when I could, paying special attention to his piss slit. He grunted above me, precum coating the back of my throat with each thrust of his hips. I tightened round him, feeling him expand between them. Then, at the last possible moment, he pulled back and I got to watch as his thick cock exploded, fountaining cum over my face. I flicked out my tongue and collected whatever I could get, purring at the taste of him. "Here, now you look like a real slut."

I didn't care what he said, I just smiled up at him, content to just lay here with my ass and face dripping.

Paolo leaned forward and ripped the tape off me, making me yelp at the sensation, some of my hairs coming away with it. "We're defiantely doing that again."

"Next time we switch places though, I wanna try that sweet ass of his."

I was all for that. Hopefully with proper restraints next time.
Tags: corey beaulieu, corey beaulieu/matt heafy/paolo gregolet, fic, matt heafy, paolo gregoletto, slash, trivium
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