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These terrors

Torchwood rambling ahoy.

Why can't Martha stay? I really like her in Torchowood, I think she fit in well (though I hate her boyfriend wasn't shown). Anyone else hoping she comes back permenantly.

I felt really sorry for Ianto. When Jack said Owen should do coffee his face just dropped. Aww. Then he seemed pissed bout Owen belittling him and Jack (and him getting more involved, why shouldn't he be?).

Mum amused me by saying Owen was 'plain'. I should make her watch Countrycide. (Gods he's hot in that.)

The synopsis for this ep was totally misleading though. it made out the chick on the roof was evil and Tosh had to do something to get him back. Sigh.

Owen's really become the antithesis of Jack hasn't he? Jack can live indefinately and heal himself almost instantly when he does so. Owen on the other hand is permenantly dead, can't get hard, sleep, eat, drink and any injuries he sustanies are permenant. Sure his lack of body heat was an asset this week, but how long can they keep him like that?

Poor Tosh. Again.

I liked the 'pulse' thing. It sounded like whales.

I really want to smack Gwen in next week's. Yes, you're probably not supposed to slap a woman that's suddenly-pregnant-with-an-alien-baby, but I will cause it's her.

Onto other things. The main lot of cards came today. They weren't as good as I hoped (not enough Coruscant damnit) but they were pretty good I guess. I hate how many Effects and Interrupts I have cause it takes forever to sort them. I've got most in wallets now but I've got one or two more coming so...

Kerrang has Bullet commenting on the suicides, perdyness in posters and Panic!. I still count the !, I don't care what anyone says (Ryan says it was removed cause the album would have 'too much punctuation' on the cover, whatever). Next week's about Madina, yay. And there's 30 Seconds. I still say Jared looks like a replicant with hair like that.

Yeah and there was the thing I posted earlier. Gods I'd pay to see that version of the video. Please someone fic it.

I'm off now to watch Will And Grace and write.
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