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It was all a little bit gay

Ok, well I wasn't going to do a post unil after Torchwood (well, I was gonna fic, but I ended up being too achy so I'll try after too) but I just saw something in Kerrang that had to be posted.

I haven't had a proper look through it (and probably need another due to damn Nathan and Charlie being on the same page and Brendon looks fucking freaky as always) but there's a tiny thing about The Blackout's new video.

"Ian actually wanted to do a scene at the end where we both go 'fuck the girls!' and start kissing. Then he wanted us to start oiling each other's body's. He even wanted strawberries and chocolate involved. It was all a little bit gay."

Why do I have to live in the world where that didn't happen? And why am I surprised when an looks like a pervert in the video? (And also, on what planet is doing all that 'a little bit gay'?)

If anyone sees last month's Rock Sound could they get it? They've put the other part of the Panic! poster in this month's (in a boring issue, bah).
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