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It's eerie isn't it?

I've had a very eh day, I haven't wanted to even get out of bed today. I'll probably go back there soon. I was gonna do off the other bed but didn't find the will to do so.

The longest time I was outta bed today before tonight was to sort cards that came today.

Skins made me sad. Perhaps more then I let on cause... I dunno. I feel bad whenever I feel sad about such things.

I've gotta check if I have enough for Kerrang tomorrow. I don't think I do.

I was meant to do a proper fic today, but could only manage the drabble due to... ehness. I look at the screen and just get nothing, cept for that drabble, but I refused to do too much for that. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better.

It's odd my first Matt/Padge is a drabble when I was meant to do a proper fic with the pairing.

After tonight I won't be on MSN till Friday.

I hate my Lego TIE Crawler, it keeps breaking. So I've had to put the same part of it together about 5 times tonight. It's now on the table downstairs. The pylons on the Mustafar set keep falling off on their own too. I don't get why.

One thing amuses me though: a major Frankie/Gerard comm's been deleted.

Tomorrow... I dunno, we'll see.

Edit: And the entire place just fucking shook. We're not meant to get tremors here!
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