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Pairing: Padge/Matt Tuck
Rating: R
POV: Matt
Challenge: 4: High Heels
Notes: I did ponder extending this. I might.

The first time I stumbled upon him, I figured he was drunk simply cause... well, it's Padge. The second time he was at least semi-sober, though I don't think he noticed me. Third time we locked eyes as he came, his cum splattering over the black dress he'd decided to wear at the time.

Now I was on my knees in front of him, stroking my hands up his thighs as I flicked my tongue along the high heels he wore. I was still amazed he could even get any to fit his feet. I heard him groan above as I swallowed the stiletto between my lips.

I had to admit, he looked so hot as a girl.
Tags: bfmv100, bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge, padge, slash
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