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The Innocent

The Innocent
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: Rape
Notes: I blame fuck you for this. Blame in a good way for once, cause someone complained about how it was alwasy Mikey getting raped.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I msat in one of the bar's many booths, a lit cigarette between my lips as I watched everyone else around me dance, get drunk and generally have a good time. I came here every Friday and Saturday for the past two months to get drunk and stagger home. The main reason I came here though wasn't for that. There were other places closer to home that were far quieter and cheaper then here. No, I came here just on the off-chance that he would be here too. Bert. This had been our place to come to. Maybe I was stupid for expecting him to come back, but I lived in that foolish hope.

So far he hadn't been in, not once.

I sighed, raising up my glass and talking a long gulp, swallowing the remainder of the amber liquid that had been in it. Perhaps I should listen to my friends, have sex with some random guy to try and take my mind off him. I'd had a few offers, which averaged at about one a night. I'd waved them all off, not even wanting to be socialable with them. Perhaps tonight I shouldn't be so hasty. I looked around the room at my prospects, sighing again and taking a drag at my cigarette as I looked at them. All were too young, or looked like they could pass for girls. I shook my head, deciding it would be best to just wait for one to come to me.

I didn't have to wait long.

A slim guy weaved his way through the crowd towards me, a drink in each hand. He wore a plain black tee-shirt, which clung tightly to his slender form and a pair of jeans that I guessed had been meant for a girl. he slipped into the booth beside me, placing one of the glasses in front of me. "I figured you could use a refill." I smiled up at him, extingishing my cigarette in the ash tray before taking a sip. He watched me intently as I swallowed, sitting beside me. "I'm Mikey."



I groaned as my eyes opened, my head throbbing in pain. Fuck. This was what I hated about drinking, waking up with a hangover and not knowing where you were. I looked around my surroundings, my eyesight blurred to the point I couldn't see anything. Useless things. Well, I could tell I was on a bed, which meant I was in a bedroom somewhere. I also felt a breeze over my skin and I realised I was naked apart from my underwear. Great. I hoped there was no one here to catch me in this state. I tried to swing my legs off the bed to stand, but my limbs weren't co-operating. It felt like there was a heavy weight on them, holding them down despite there being nothing visiby there. In fact, the only part of my body that seemed to be able to move was my head.

I tried to think back to earlier in the night, but all I could remember was drinking with Mikey. Drinking and talking shit. I couldn't really remember what we talked about. Other then that, my mind was a blank.

I heard a sound and twisted my head to it's source, watching as what looked like a door opened and a figure came towards me. "Ah, you're awake." I watched him come closer and sit beside me. "Your eyesight will return in time." I tried to respond to him, but my mouth just opened and closed, no words coming out. "As will your voice. But I'll answer all the stupid questions your little mind could possibly have." I knew that voice, it was Mikey's. I tried to squirm but my stiff body refused to obey me and I heard him chuckle. "You can't move, you've been drugged. I slipped it in the drink before I came to you. I'm guessing you want to know why?" I managed to nod, cursing myself. Why did I have to talk to the psycho? "That's simple, I'm going to rape your pale ass. You know why?" My eyes widened at his words, his hands stroking my bare chest, his short nails digging into my skin. "I see guys like you all the time, sitting in the shadows, watching all the boys around them. Then, you pick a drunk boy, take him outside and fuck him if he likes or not. Especially if not. You pin him down with your strong arms and plow into his withing body." What the fuck was he on about? Apart from bert I'd only been with two other guys, one in college and another in a threeway with Bert. I'd certainly not fucking raped anyone, or even thought of it. He tugged my boxers down my thick, hairy legs with one hand, snarling down at me. "Well, tonight you'll learn your lesson." He bent down, growling softly against my ear. "You're not the first piece of scum I've done this to."

He moved between my legs, throwing my boxers across the room and rolled me onto my stomach with surprising ease. Clearly he was stronger then he looked. He spread my legs and climbed between them, running his fingers over my ass. He dipped his fingers between my cheeks, the digits roughly probing for my hole. Upon finding my opening, he pushed his middle finger against it, forcing it deep inside me. All I could was grunt and try to squeeze him out, but he easily ignored that. I heard him growl as he inserted a second finger beside the first, spreading me open with the dry digits. Fuck it hurt like hell. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, biting my lip. "Hurt, cunt?" He laughed cruelly, burying his fingers deep, his nails scratching my insides.

Suddenly, he pulled them out and wiped the slightly bloody fingers over my ass. "I think that's more preperation then you deserve." He moved up my body until he was flush against mine, his cock pushing between my cheeks. He felt bigger then I'd have expected from a boy his size. I tried to move from him, but could only manage a small movement forward. It wasn't even enough for him to comment on. His head brushed over my hole and he growled again. "Ready?" I shook my head again, but he ignored me. He gripped tightly onto my ass cheeks, digging my nails into my pale skin before thrusting into me. I felt myself tear as his cock rammed inside me, my hot blood spilling over his shaft. "Fuck, you're so tight. I bet you've never had a fucking dick inside you huh?" I shook my head as tears ran down my cheeks. I'd been fucked before but that had been with plenty of lube and preparation. With each thrust of his sharp hips I hated him more.

I felt my own member against my thighs, my soft dick almost being crushed by my weight every time Mikey buried himself within me. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, wishing that this wasn't happening, that I was back home in bed. In bed with Bert's body curled around my own, his lips kissing my skin. But wishing wasn't going to make that happen. No one was going to break through that door and save me from this asshole. All I could do was take it.

Mikey's left hand left my ass, moving up my body to grip on my hair. "How's it feel to be on the recieving end for once huh?" He slammed rougher into me, moaning loudly. "Well, I hope you learn your lesson!" He bit into my neck with enough force topierce my skin. I felt more of my blood spill, the crimson fluid coating his tongue now. I sobbed softly as he pulled away, moaning loudly against my ear. These moans were followed by a low grunt and I felt his cock spasm with me, his seed splashing over my torn insides. He released my head, pulling out of me roughly.

I found managed to find my voice as he moved off the bed. "You're a bastard." I whispered in a soft tone, twisting my head to look at him.

He moved to stand in front of me, growling. "Shut up! I don't need to hear your lies." He forced a pair of underwear, my underwear, between my lips and roughly taped them in place. "I am being merciful to you Bob." I watched as he pulled up his pants. "I've castrated or killed others like you before." He pulled out a marker and I felt him start to write something on my back. "You're in a hotel room. In two hours, you'll be able to move enough to leave. By then I'll be long gone." He planted a kiss on my ear lobe. "I hope you've learned your lesson."

I cried softly, watching him as he pulled his t-shirt on and left me like that, our fluids dripping out of my hole. In a mirror that hung above the bed's headboard I could see my reflected back. In big, black letter's he'd wrote 'rapist'. I prayed it would wash off as I cried into the pillow.
Tags: bob bryar/mikey way, fic, my chemical romance, slash
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