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I can go to my room right now, get a gun. Bam!

There's five left from the movie quote guessing thing. Last chance to guess. (I post the remaining answers tomorrow)

2: "We're expendable assets... and we've just been expended."

3: "You're all going to die down here."

9: "I've had the most peculiar dream."

10: "Straight doesn't seem to be good enough! Now it's my turn! I'm going to give you a few seconds before I come."

12: "You think you can change my will? I've had enough of this discussion. Join me or die!"

At least Mikey should get some. (You've seen all but one and own one.)

I didn't wake up properly till 11 which is good since the past few days have been early. It's meant I've put off calling until tomorrow though. It's better for me cause stuff might arrive tomorrow. Why won't Play get TNA in stock? It's starting to piss me off. Have they got something against it?

Mum was a bitch last night causa the printer, which totally wasn't my fault. Hello e-bay, meet mum's card. Hence why I have to be up this week, cause more Star Wars CCG is coming. Curse getting a few random packet's last week. And curse there being no Coruscant packs.

I found a Trivium poster thing (a special from Rock Sound) and it says that Matt's really bonded with Mikey and they wanna tour with Bullet.

The fic I did last night was completely random, cause I needed the random. Better then to get aggavated at other stuff no? It's strange how I'm suddenly on a the used kick. I get the feeling a lot of people missed it though.

Since my comp died I haven't been able to even rewrite the bit of Plaything I had, so I'm shelving it a few days. I've rewrote the Bob/Mikey one and it's almost at the same place I left it (with an extra paragraph it'll be there), so I'll post that tonight.

Clare, when yous get on could you rememebr everything I told you bout that Gerard fic? I had it all in notepad but forgot it went when the comp died.

I have five fics open:
*The Bob/Mikey one
*End Of Days
*Ilan fic
*One for bfmv100 (which I had an idea for and it went with comp)
*Trivium fic

The first and last of those have something in them. The rest don't. Ilan's doesn't even have a pairing (I think he needs more love though so... ideas? Ian's a little obvious.). I'll go back to Plaything/Kerrang/Hillfolk when they're done.

I may do a Gareth/Sean, gerard fic, bottom!Matt or Ian/Oli as well before that though. (And probably one'll have scat in, cause I'm in that headspace). Or maybe hermaphrodites. Hmmm.

Skins tonight, yay! I dunno what I'll do after it.

There's appartently a Bob/Spencer pic going around. I wanna see!

I wish people would stop spam Iming me with fish names.

And lastly, days late.

From mcr_fridayfive
1. Do you read fan fiction? Why? Why Not?
Yeah, but it's rare to find good ones anymore. I'll read it if it's good, preferably if it's kinky. The fandom's become static and samey, always with the damn Frankie/Gerard and if you do anything different it's either overlooked or attacked.

2. Do you write fan fiction? If not why not? Do you have a story that you wrote that you’re proud of and/or one that someone else wrote that you love? (links please)
Yeah I do, it's what I do most of the time (cause I lack a life obviously). I seem to have ended updoing the really random pairings and filling the niche fandoms. Also I pretty much do things people don't normally touch (kink, torture, scat...). Lately I've drifted from the MCR fandom, in large part due to the 'fans'.

The two I'm most proud of are Blade You Stain cause it was the first time I tried the whole torture/kill thing and people were really positive about it (which makes me wonder what's changed since) and the other is Keep On Your Pants And Jacket which is pure Waycest smut and I swear it's the fic I've had the most comments on. Every month or so there's a request on the fic finder for it, which makes me fuzzy inside.

That someone else wrote? Gods erm... I really enjoyed Mikey's Untitled Sex Show and The Lighter Side Of Insanity (though all of Darla's stuff is pretty awesome). Also, there's the famous tentacle fic which shebangsthedrum did (which is pretty much the only fic with Frankie I can read). My Cheating Heart is also so good and so is Purple Gah I could be here all day, I'll stop now.

3. What’s the best Fan Fiction Community? What’s the worst?
I think they're all the same now, it's all drying up. The best writer's don't really post outside of their journals really.

4. Do you have a OTP(One True Paring)? What is it? Is there a pairing you avoid/think is over-rated?
Frankie/Gerard is so fucking overrated it's unbelievable.
OTP's? Like I said before I'm not sure. It used to be the Way's, but I'm sure Bob loves Gerard and Ray has a thing for Mikey. I also have a very big soft spot for Bob/Bert.

5. What’s your opinion on this post in chemicalromance. Would you do the same?
I can't see the vid, so I assume from the comments they were stalking. I think it's stupid that people do that (especially in airports? I mean why?). If I saw them out and about, I'd be too shy to say anything. I mean, I might follow for a bit, but I wouldn't film it or anything.
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