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Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Quinn Allman/Bob Bryar
POV: Quinn
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Brief voyeurism
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I lay in my bunk glad that I was alone tonight. The others were in the hotel for the night, but I prefered remaining on the bus. It allowed me to have some me time. I sighed softly, running a hand through my newly dyed blonde hair. So far I'd tried to read, play games and listen to music, but my brain wasn't in the right headspace to do either for very long. I was just about to slip out to attempt going online when I heard a familiar noise, the door opening. That was followed by a low groan and the sounds of movement. Then I heard a hushed voice and the sound of clothing being removed.

"I'm sure no one's here." Bert's responded to the other person and I wondered who he'd bought here. Sure it would be easier for him to take this person back to the hotel, where he'd have a bed tp fuck on instead of a cramped bunk. "I've missed you." I blinked as I heard them kiss passionately, realising that this had to be someone Bert knew. Sure, that didn't narrow things down to much, even if you discounted the few he hadn't done something with at some point.

I pulled my curtain back slightly, just enough to look out to try and see who this person was. I couldn't see much in the dim light, but I could see what the other guy was wearing. A checkered red and black shirt. Who the fuck wears one of those things? It looked like they were a hillbilly or something. Bert's face was buried in the person's neck and from the moans they were making I guessed they were a guy. I still couldn't tell much, but I could see their hair. It was shoulder length and looked ginger or dirty blonde. I tried to think of anyone that had that sort of hair, but I just drew blanks.

The shirt was pushed down the guys body, exposing fairly strong looking arms to me. Bert's head moved down to the guy's chest, but the other male grabbed his long, dark hair and yanked his head back. "You remember what I said little Bertie?" I could recognise that voice, why the fuck wasn't I registering it.

"Yes sir." He giggled as he said that and I could see his hands moving on the other guy's unblemished chest. So, he had no tatts either.

"Good." He kept ahold on Bert's hair as he bent down slightly to kiss him. As he did that his head moved slightly into the light, enough for me to see his eyes. They gave him away. Only one person had eyes like those, orbs so blue you could almost lose your soul to them. I couldn't help but let out a soft gasp at the realisation, though I clamped my hands over my mouth a moment later. "What was that?" He'd pulled away from Bert's lips and I sank back into my bunk in hopes I wouldn't be seen. "I thought you said we'd be alone?"

"But we are." Even as he said that his head was looking left to right, making sure his words were accurate. "Jepha and Dan are bound to be fucking by now and Quinn's probably asleep in his room. maybe it was something outside."

Bob grunted softly, then pushed Bert's head down. "Perhaps. Suck it bitch." I moved closer, watching as Bert undid his fly, then start to Bob his head up and down his shaft. I didn't have a decent enough view to see the good stuff. Bob's hand gripped tighter onto Bert's head, pushing him up and down his cock. I could feel my own start to stiffen in my underwear, so I reached down to start to deal with it. I pushed the material down, then wrapped my fingers around my cock, stroking in time to Bert's head bobbing. I kept my eyes on them, biting my lip to surpress any sounds I might make. Bert's movements sped up on his cock, though I wasn't sure if that was his or Bob's doing. "That's it bitch..." He moaned softly, reaching forward and gripped the curtain. My eyes widened as he did so, though I guessed I was safe when his hand didn't move, instead just fisting into the cloth.

I almost allowed myself a sigh of relief, speeding up the movement of my fingers. I watched as he tipped his head back, letting out a soft gasp of Bert's name. I wondered if he was close. I knew I should have listened back on the Warped Tour when our tech came. I let out a soft groan, bring my free hand to cover my mouth. Shit. Bob's hand pulled back the curtain and he grinned as he looked over me. "I knew it! Look Bertie."

I blushed at his words, feeling like such a fucking pervert, my hand releasing my dick. He let go of Bert's head and my bandmate twisted his head around, flashing me a dirty grin when he saw me. "I always knew he was a perv daddy." Bob chuckled softly and, before he could say anything else, pushed his face back into his crotch and he sucked on his balls.

"Are you just going to lay there and watch slut? Or do you want to join in?" I blinked, not knowing what to do, though my cock twitched. "Get on your knees." I nodded and slide out of my bunk, slipping off my underwear as I did so. I fell to my knees beside Bert, looking up at Bob. My tongue flicked over the shaft of his dick then over his tip so I could taste a droplet of his precum. He purred above me, gripping onto my hair like he did to Bert and pulling my head back. "Why don't you be a good boy and use that tongue of yours on my Bertie?" He released my hair when I nodded and I moved behind Bert, undoing his pants and pulling them down. He wiggled his hips and ass, allowing me to better ease the clothing off him. Bert normally wore no underwear, so I was surprised to find a pair of black lace panties clinging to him. I grinned, pulling the soft material down to fully reveal his cheeks to me.

I leaned down and dipped my tongue along his cleft. As I inhaled his scent, I moved my hand back to my dick to stroke myself. He smelt and tasted dirty, just as you'd expect from him. There was something strange erotic about it though. I wiggled my tongue into his opening, rubbing it against his inner walls. My eyes lidded and I increased my pace on my cock, stabbing my soft muscle in and out of him. I heard him groan around Bob's balls, then opened one eye to watch. Bert moved to Bob's thick shaft, taking it back down his throat. "Fuck that's it..." Bob's hand was tangled in his hair, guiding him up and down his length once again. "Touch yourself Bertie."

Bert reached between his legs, stroking himself furiously. I smiled against his ring, twirling my tongue deep within him. He tasted so fucking good. He squeezed his muscles around me tight and I could feel like he was pushing. As I buried my tongue within him I could feel there was nothing for him to give me. I didn't mind though, his taste was enough for me. I heard a low moan and watched as Bob came down Bert's throat, crying on his name. He pulled out, the last few spurts landing on the singer's face. He looked so fucking hot covered in cum like that. "Boy..." I looked up as Bob panted softly, his fingers letting go of Bert. "Get over here and cum in Bertie's hair."

I nodded, pulling back from Bert's sweet ass and moving to stand beside Bob. My fingers stroked my myself as furiously as Bert's were now and I knew I'd shoot within seconds. I aimed myself for Bert's hair, letting out a low groan as I came into the dark strands, making a few of them stick together. It was a good look for him, made him look like a whore. A few moments later he came too, all over his t-shirt. It was one he hadn't worn in awhile, with 'my pussy demands attention' on it in white lettering. He smiled up at us, panting softly. "I love you daddy. Thanks Quinn."

"I love you too." Bob bent down and kissed him on the forehead gently, then looked at me. "I liked having you watch. Next time do it with a camera boy." He helped Bert up, pushing him into one of the bunk's and I watched as Bob squeezed in beside him. Maybe later I get to see more then a blow job.
Tags: bert mccracken/bob bryar/quinn allman, fic, my chemical romance, slash, the used
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