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Our blockade is perfectly legal

I have to be up early tomorrow to call the stupid job center people to try and get my money for this week. Cunts.

I wrote a little last night. I had hoped to get something done yesterday, but alas, no. Still, today there'll be something. At least the one for bfmv100.

Anyway, cause there's been recent pic poosts, here's my one. Be afraid, there's pictures of me.

First off, animoos.



The lovers, Harry and Dougie are enticed out into the open by food.

Danny the dimwit dog

Sleepy Solo

Then there's all my newish Star Wars stuff.

The Lego Star Destroyer I had for Christmas

It opened up

The mouse droid and cool black R2 unit

The Force Unleashed minis by the comp

The coolest looking of the new ones (Emperor's Shadow Guard, Junk Golem, Mynock and Verpine Tech)

The boxes the Star Wars cards came in.

Onto the figures:

Tattooed Anakin from the Clone Wars on Torture Rack

Yoda on Kybuck

An unusual bunch of people at the cantina

R2-B1 < 3

Hermi Odle. Ugly as fuck, but massive

The Holiday drunk Padme in her slutty outfit

Yoda with cannon and beeping R2

Endor R2 showing his periscope. Yay!

R2's into bondage


Droideka with energy shield

Concept C-3P0 and R2. Look at all those arms.

Anakin's spirit, which is so perdy and sparkly.

Clone Trooper and AT-TE gunner

Darth Malak, C-3P0 (with Salcious) and Jango Fett

Pre-cyborg Grievous and Voolvif Monn

Roron Corobb

The coin album! yay!

Gig related things.

Signed Madina poster. Again, they're so awesome and sweet and... i wanna take them home with me.

The Bulelt tee of perdy. The top one's the front.

Random room things.

The Simpsons dvd I keep watching

Two of my Pokemon buddies on the TARDIS (the other 3 are AWOL now:() Prize for who knows their names.

The unicorn statue I got

Bad taste bear Gerard (not doing anything dirty, boo:() thanks Claire!

My bed buddies, Jay and Pen

My new indoor palm

The empty triop habitat


And lastly, me. Avert thine eyes!

Be warned, facial hair I look like Bert's lovechild ironically

Lastly, an unclear pic of ickle me.
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