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Night of the second day

Wow, I'm being mentioned on fuckyou_mcr and you know what? I'm not even pissed off about it. It's given me inspiration for Bob fic. Considering I've had creative issues all day this is a good thing. Although it has to come just as I was starting Trivium fic. Ah well.

Honestly, people are crazy though. Yes, some of them need to piss off, get a life or just admit that's a place from drama. That and children who post macros at each other. Sigh.

Anyway, I'll wait till tomorrow to post the answers to the remaining film things.

Someone take my new Simpsons dvd off me. I've watched it about 4 times now, maybe more. Just outta boredom really. That and crap on Tv.

I'm gonna take pictures to post at some point this week. Some of my comp area, some of the new figs and some of me (post having a shower cause huzzah! new razors!).

I'm gonna be re-arranging my main Star Wars table cause half a dozen figs fell over a few days back. That and the new figs have to go somewhere. I think I'll put Padme by the bar, since she's got a glass and looks slutty.

I've got three main fics open, which I'll try and do over the next few days:
*Plaything Part 4
*Untitled (Matt Heafy/Paolo Gregoletto)
*Untitled (Bob Bryar/Mikey Way)

I've just realised I haven't done Bob/Mikey properly before. How odd is that?

I think it's best to leave my post here, since I keep having to retype stuff.

Edit: Yay! Dexter next week! Huzzah!
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