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I told you, I'm not Xena. I'm Lucy Lawless

So, you'd think with the worry removed I'd be snug in bed asleep. Yeah, I was kinda hoping for that too. At just after 3 I waddle off to bed, my eyes dying on me so I can't stay online. So I curl up in bed and fall asleep (even though I was meant to try and watch Millennium at 3:40, but I digress). At 4:10 I'm woken by mum in my doorway, moaning about nothing.

So from then till now (5:50) me and her have been fighting. First about things only she can smell, then about my room and how she has to do everything (she doesn't, I ask to help and she either blanks me or says don't bother). Of course then it ends up being the same old things. Nan, money and me being a failure.

So I dropped out of most courses in sixth form (cause of asshole bullies), then didn't finish college (causa bullshit coursework, teachers being confusing, stuff at home etc) and didn't go to uni (cause they didn't tell me when to go in not that I would've). It always gets thrown back in my face when we fight and I always feel like a loser wen it's not my fault. And then there's not having a job, because there isn't one I can do. Even when I explain things it's like I'm just talking to air with her.

Makes me glad I bought stuff. Guilt be gone. I'm considering getting one of the Mandalorian sets for this though. Maybe.

Note to mum fic doesn't equal coursework. Sure I can fic fast sometimes, but coursework I'm shit at.

I couldn't write at all yesterday. Ideas yep. Actually fic? No.

I know I won't get back to sleep now though, so I'm just gonna curl up in bed sicne it's too cold. My eyes aren't fully working either, so that's no help for watching anything just yet.
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