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That's what we all look like on the inside

Today I was up at 6. Mum wasn't even awake then. The only time I'm usually up that earlier is Christmas and birthday's and that's less so now. I am far more worried then I've generally let on.

My mind is swimming with negativity, fearing the worst. Even though I'm not sure what the worst is yet. I hate my mind.

I'm sure it's in large part due to last year that it's in such a dark place.

I've found it hard to concentrate on anything, even tv, so I'cve just been lying in bed since I woke. Pre-cyborg Grievous arrived at last, as did House Of The Dead 2, which I'll watch at some point when I'm less... un-calm. Oddly the Bullet poster came, but it's nothing special.

I had an ikdea for a Bob/bert fic, but I'm not focussed enough to write it yet.

5:15 is too far away.

One other thing that frustrates me, 14 people in the poll wanted me to do more The Used fic. 14. So I do one and so far three people have commented, two of which didn't even vote for The Used. So, that's 12 people (I'm discounting Darla cause she's getting settled) that either have read and not commented or haven't read at all.

The moral of the story: never give people what they want.

I'm gonna go back to bed, see if the Simpsons can't take my mind off my worry. Worry which has now induced a headache. Joy.
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