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And the dead shall walk

Torchwood ramblings ahead.

First, I have a theory about Martha's boyfriend that she mentions in Reset. Could it be the guy from Last Of The Time Lords that she calls at the end? The one that died to save her. Hmmm

Anyone, ramblings about tonight's:
*It was amusing trying to explain about the first missen mitten (shut up, I like Ianto's name better) to mum, who's never seen an ep of season 1
*Ok, that little girl at the start? She's the thing that concerns me most. Who is she? Why did Jack go to her? How did he know her? What does she owe him for? Is she human (unlikely)? How did she know about the glove? In a way she reminds me of Wolfram And Hart's first conduit to the Senior Partners from Angel. (Which makes me wish I had season 4 on dvd)
*'Death' was cool... and I agree with Mikey with the oddly hot
*Jack amused me when Owen 'threw up' Though did anyone else get images of prison sex? Especially with Owen's new lack of a gag reflex
*Poor Owen... can't do the things he loves
*Ianto with a hockey stick thing! Awww< 3
*Yay! Tosh gets a kiss!
*The kid's name is familar. I'm sure someone at school was called that
*Next week Owen goes psycho... and is Martha still in it? And is he still king of the Weevils?

End ramble.
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