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To half time

I am so fucking exhausted. After this post I'm gonna lay down and go in a coma for awhile k?

People that wanted a The Used fic now have one, I finished and posted it just before I went out.

Kerrang is eh. there's a thing with the Blackout and Panic! but I'm too tired to read, so I stare at the pictures. There's a perdy poster of Ian too. But, we were promised Bulelt and there's no fucking Bullet at all. You lied to me last week's Kerrang! Next week's has Panic! and posters from the Kerrang tour.

One thing I noticed from skimming The Blackout is Sean thinks Harry is hot.

I am watching something on e-bay. If it stays around the price it is tomorow I'm totally getting it. I'm not saying what it is cause other people'll want it. It's mine! It ends at lunchtime.

The gay Mandalorians are in Revelation! And Daala. I love her, she's so awesome. (And her first name's cool too Natasi.) Note to Hasbro, make a fig of her. I'm gonna ask them to actually on one of the Star Wars sites I go to. I've gotta get back into reading that series more regularly.

No mail today.

Job Center was ok. But cause I didn't go to stupid course, money might be late/not in at all. So I have to check Tuesday. Asses. It means I might not be able to get Kit's fghter/Umbrella Academy next week. I'm on another course, but this one is useful. It starts on March 3rd and it'll have work experience, which is what I need. Trouble is, Mikey might not wanna come for our special day. Another advantage is I get more money while I do it. She says it's £15 a week so that's something.

Cannock's eh. I got a Simpsons dvd (.com) and Woolworths finally have new figures in. They have Legends figures, which is cool. I could only get one, so it was between Boba Fett, 501st Legion Clone or Yoda with a gun. I went with Yoda, for the Ep II coin.

I've got a load of pizza's from Iceland, but mum's just moaned. Bitch.

I have an indoor palm, which is pretty. I'm gonna have it by the comp so it'll add much needed greenery to the room. I might get a bonsai cause they were cheap too.

I'm forced to use primative technology as the i-pod's still fucked. carrying the cd player everywhere is annoying. I'm old school. Annoyingly old school.

I now have 48 batteries. Yay.

Fic to do list updated again.

I'm sure I had something else to say, but can't think of it. Can't wait for Torchwood tonight.

Yay for The Simpsons X-Files episode!

I need to listen to The Used's ep thing. This song is stand-out to me so far.

I've been thinking of this all day, it's a random fic thing. All question things I've come up with. I've probably missed off one or two.

Any fics you've disowned?
Yeah, two. One was a vampire Mcfly fic... but I ended up making it overlong and having no real plot. Looking back, I hate it. There's also an MCR one I did ages ago, ne of mmy first. It was really crazy cause Gerard asked Mikey to marry him and Mikey was pregnant.

Which fic are you most proud of?
Blade You Stain. I love it and it was my first gore fic. It started as a one-shot, but because there was such a positive response I made it longer and came up with a plot that I think worked really well.

What was your first fandom?
Blue (a British boy band for those who don't know). I'm not embaressed by it.

What fandom(s) are you doing now?
Well, I'm not really sure. Right now each fic seems to be different, random pairings. I think Bullet For My Valentine's a main fandom now for me. (especially since I signed up to write_the_songs with them and every idea i have so far is a proper story not just smut).

What's your motivation for writing?
I think I'm a creative person and it's an outlet for me. It also gives me something to do since I have no real life right now. Also, to paraphrase Mr Lucas, I write what I write because it's what I'd like to read and no one else is doing it.

Is there anything you hate about writing?
Not really. I do hate how some people act (like with fuck you comm's). If you try something different you're either ignored or completely ripped apart. I've had people comment on my stuff saying they'll avoid my stuff in future. What's the point of leaving a comment saying that? Most of what I do is smut, but they seem to pick on the gory ones I do. Some people on fuckyou_mcr said I'm a future serial killer for doing what I do. I think that's crazy. Does that make you the people that write smut nyphomaniacs? And all the one's that do fluff must be lovestruck puppy's too then?

crossbow1 even implied I wasn't a guy, which is the main reason I despise her. I digress, I won't rant, I'm too tired too.

What's your OTP?
Right now... I don't think I have one. When I used to be in set Fandoms I'd have one (Blue: Duncan James/Lee Ryan, Mcfly: Harry Judd/Dougie Poynter then Harry Judd/Tom Fletcher and finally Gerard/Mikey Way for MCR). I think there's chemistry between certain people (Bob/Bert, Bob/Gerard, Mikey/Ray, Ian/Sean, Jepha/Dan... others too) but I dunno...

Any pairings that are overdone?
Frankie/Gerard and Brendon/Ryan. I'll say no more.

Any pairings that need more love?
Yeah, I can think of a few. Anything with Jay
*Ian/Sean, cause they're always kissing and licking each other (also Ian/Gerard and Ian/Mikey)
*Bob/Bert (or any of The Used). He was their tech guy after all. I hate how people forget that. If he hadn't replaced MCR's asshole of a drummer I get the feeling he'd be The Used's drummer instead of Dan (ohh... someone should totally do an AU of that)
*Ryan/Spencer: Cause there're just so pretty together. Even with the facial hair
*Jepha/Dan: I reckon they've totally screwed. It's obvious.

Any fandoms that need more love?
Yeah, everal. I think a lot of fandoms seem to be shutting down and writers are either loosing creativity or else just lost. It's such a shame and I don't quite understand it. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.
Fandoms that need more love:
*Bullet For My Valentine
*Madina Lake
*The Blackout
*The Used
*Trivium (is there any Trivium fics?)

Is there any kink you wouldn't write about?
I don't think so. I've pretty much done all of them in fics (especially ones others don't) so I doubt there's too many left if any at all (if I've missed any, please say). I'd actually do 65% of what I've written about.

Is there any theme you wouldn't do?
Well, I can't really do anything with major homophobia. I can't get myself in that headspace and, cause I was bullied for it, I don't want to. In most fics you could say it's a slight AU as everyone's ok with gayness. I've only done someone reacting badly to it once (Gerard in What To Do With the Dead) and he died because of it.

Also, in the same vein, I can't do anything with illnesses. That's a major no for me. I avoid any fics like that like the plague.

Fluff is hard for me to do as well, cause it just ends up being smutty when I try. Also, most fluff is so... normal and boring and I don't want to be like that.

Incest: good or bad?
I think incest is good. The Way certain have a certain sexual energy. I'm 100% sure they've at least fooled around, drunkenly or sober which is why I have a tendancy to mention the pairing in most MCR fics. When I do an incest fic, I try not to make it too angsty or hung-up on the 'wrongness' of it. About 90% of what I've wrote cest wise has been consensual so... Normally when I write it it's deep into the relationship, so they're already analysed the wrongness and decided to ignore it.

Any tips for other writers?
If you do a multipart fic (especially if it's more then 3 parts) be sure you hae a plot first, or at elast a basic plan for what'll happen. I did one for Blade You Stain, What To Do With The Dead and Plaything. It also helps to serve as a reference point for the fic, so you don't have to keep looking back through it if you've forgotten a minor detail.

I ache so much, I'm gonna lay down.
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