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Welcome To The Band

Welcome To The Band
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jepha
Warnings: Bukkake

I looked at our new drummer as he got naked, gazing over his skin. He was a hot young thing. This had been Bert's idea, he said Dan had to be inducted into the band and he knew the perfect way. Course, he wouldn't tell me or Quinn, so I just assumed it was getting him naked and humiliating him. Or drawing on him. Dan pushed his jeans down his legs along with his boxers so that he stood before us nude. He made my cock twitch. I was extremely attracted to him and I wondered if Bert knew that. "What do you want me to do now?" He asked in a shy, almost nervous voice, his cheeks flushed.

"On your knees." As Bert said those words I realised what Bert wanted to do. Well, half-realised. It would be something sexual that's for sure.

Dan complied, looking up at the three of us with wide, eager eyes. "What do you want me to do? Give you head?" From the way drool was forming on his pretty lips I could tell he was hoping for that. That and the way his cock twitch with arousal above his egg-shaped balls.

Bert shook his head, his dirty blond hair swooshing from side to side. I was still not used to his new hair colour. I preferred it dark, it looked more natural. Just like how Quinn's looked for natural blonde. Well, more normal anyway. "Just stay there." He smiled, doing hs own pants and pulling out his cock. He wrapped his fingers around the hard flesh, fisting his erection as he stood before Dan. I watched him, curious as to what he was up to. He stroked himself at an unhurried, steady pace. My attention was broken when I heard Quinn unzip his fly, pulling out his thicker arousal and starting to jack off too. "Gonna join in Jepha, or just enjoy the view?"

I bit my lower lip, undoing my pants and not wanting to be left out. I think I got where they were going with this now. I'd seen it in porn. A bunch of guy's would jerk off and, just before they came, they'd stand in front of another dude and cum over his face. Normally it was about ten or more guys doing it and by the end, the other dude's face would be so covered in cum he looked glazed. We wouldn't achieve that with just us three. If Bert thought we could then he was kidding himself.

"Fuck, you're pierced." Dan's words bought me from my thoughts and I watched his eyes remain fixed on my shaft. I nodded slightly and grinned at the hunger in his eyes. I started to jack my dick, the shiny ring in my head glinting in the light. He groaned softly and I could see his hand slipping down to his own dick. Bert gripped his chin with his free hand, turning it to face him.

"Don't touch yourself." Dan whimpered softly but moved his hands behind him, his left wrist gripping his right to hold it in place. "Better." When he let go of Dan's chin, the younger male's eyes darted between the three jacking cocks in front of him. Perhaps he was trying to work out which of us was bigger, or who'd be the first to shoot. It would probably be Bert, since his fingers were already moving more rapidly then Quinn's or my own. The second that thought crossed my mind his pace went back to the more steady speed of earlier.

I growled in frustration as the zipper to my fly brushed against my balls. I released my length, using both hands to push my pants down my legs, kicking the annoying clothing away. Satisfied, I bought my hand back to my dick and resumed stroking myself. "Great idea dude." I half-watched Quinn as he copied my actions, exposing his lower half fully to us. I'd seen it before countless times, though I couldn't help but give his round, firm ass a quick glance. When I looked up from it I could see that Bert was doing the same.

He flashed me a dirty grin, but kept his pants up, seemingly content to just jerk like that. I shook my head, returning my gaze to Dan, letting images of his pretty pink lips wrapped around me to fill my mind. I'd could easily make such thoughts a reality, but I don't think Bert would appreciate me spoiling his fun. If I did I might wake up in a ditch somewhere. Ala Gerard. Perhaps later I would.

I sighed softly as my thumb rubbed against my ring, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. For a few minutes we all stood like that, all our movements at slightly differing speeds, but each of us maintaining our own steady rhythm. I heard, rather then saw, Bert speed up his movements again the barely audible pants leaving his lips a sure sign he was getting close. I think Dan sensed it, as he turned to face Bert's cock fully. Sure enough, with a gasp of pleasure, Bert bought himself off. His wads of cum landed on Dan's face, some on his forehead and later blasts on his cheek. Bert's second shot landed right on Dan's left eyelid, which had closed just as he came.

Bert panted softly, rubbing the last few drops of his seed onto Dan's lips before stepping back. He held Dan's chin again, turning him to Quinn's throbbing shaft before releasing him. I had a feeling that was for his benefit, since the cum on his eyelid may have stuck it down slightly. The sight of Dan like that made the speed of my movements increase as well as a groan to escape my lips. He looked so unbelievably hot like that.

I tore my eyes from him with Quinn let out a loud groan, louder then I expected for someone just jacking themselves off. Bert was on his knees behind him, his face buried between his cheeks and I knew his tongue was buried halfway up the guitarist's ass, wiggling about in all the right ways. If there was one thing that you could say about Bert it's that he loved to eat ass and, more importantly, was fucking good at it. I could see Quinn was having trouble keeping trouble keeping the pace he'd set himself now, the movement of his fist more uneven then before.

"What's going on?" Dan's voice was quiet, but he hadn't risked opening either eye to see for himself in case he got cum in them.

"Bert's eating Quinn's ass." I replied simply, since the other two wouldn't be able to answer him. Dan groaned at my words a sound which made me flick my ring piercing again. "It's fucking hot." Despite saying that I really wasn't paying that much attention to them, only watching out of the corner of my eye as Quinn ground his ass against Bert's face.

"Fuck Bert..." Quinn's eyelids had fluttered closed, moans of pleasure leaving his lips. I let my eyes fall on his cock, knowing he wasn't going to last much longer. Sure enough, I saw his member bulge slightly more in his pumping fingers and he howled out Bert's name. Jets of cum shot out from his piss slit, landing mostly on the opposite side of Dan's face to Bert's. I watched as the sticky fluid landed on Dan's skin, purring as it was obviously a heavier load then Bert's had been. As Bert pulled away from his ass, I noticed that Quinn's hole was now twitching and soaked with his saliva. trembling, Quinn wiped his dick over Dan's chin, then fell slid down to the floor beside Bert, giving him a hungry kiss as thanks.

I was the only one left now.

Noting their distraction, I took Quinn's position in front of the kneeling drummer, whispering softly to him. "You can jack off now if you want."

He grinned, his lips still shining with Bert's cum. "Only if you promise to let me suck you off later."

"Fuck yeah." I groaned, the image sending shivers through my body. Satisfied with my reaction, he grabbed his cock and got moved his hand furiously along his cock. It was almost like a blur. I tried to hold back, but when Dan's free hand groped my ass I lost what little control I had remaining. I grunted Dan's name, releasing my semen onto his face to join my bandmates. I noticed, through my half-lidded eyes, that my load landed mostly on his lips and surrounds. His tongue flicked out instantly, tasting my seed.

As I came down from my high and my vision returned properly, I saw him release his own fluid over his belly. I slide to my knees in front of him, leaning down and extending my tongue to taste him, hearing him giggle above me. "Welcome to the band." I let out a soft chuckle at Bert's words and kept licking Dan's sweet skin.
Tags: fic, slash, the used
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