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Couldn't we board it up?

Mum has her uses, finding perhaps the last pizza slices in existance in the freezer. So I've just had one.

I wrote a little today, but not much. It's a slow day. I'm switching to another to see if that goes better.

My legs are always cold cause my stupid trousers are too short... damn them for being so comfy.

Tomorrow mum's giving me money to get pizza's and stuff from Iceland.

Curse play for not having TNA's 50 Greatest Moments in stock. But yay at them sending the figs. I don't get why they did't send the others in one box.

Is there a Pete/Patrick/Ashlee fics, cause I think I saw some before now but skipped them. I want to read out of curiousity for some reason.

Yea, random pointless post.
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