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I'm sticky and naked... did I miss something fun?

Well, I'm nixing doing the Torchwood run today in case mum wants to watch it. So I'll put 3rd Rock From the Sun on in a few.

I was up at 7 today. For those that don't know, that is insanely unnatural to me. The earliest I'm normally up is when mum shouts to go to work (at bout half 8) but then I'm usually back to sleep again until 10. I couldn't drift back to sleep at all though and I had more trouble sleeping last night then usual. Seems worry's eating me up inside without me realising.

Mum's at the home today. Things are looking up cause she called up the Social Services people yesterday and their going to do an inspection today. They seem to be getting worse at looking after her with each passing week. First it's just not checking up on her often, then it's feeding her to roughly and not cleaning her. Bastards. She's never done anything to hurt anyone, she doesn't deserve to be treated like that. It's why I'm glad she's gonna be home.

Another reason I'm glad is I may switch from Jobseekers to carers. Jobseekers is ok, but with these waste-of-time courses it's getting annoying. Plus there's nothing going near here ever. Bah. When I go in tomorrow I'm ready to have a go if she's gonna bitch about me not going to the last one (though she's nice so...). One: it's a waste of time. Two: I had my baby here/(official reason) I was feeling eh. Three: the one guy that works there is a pervert and an asshole, with a terrible attitude (friend's just want to see you fail blah blah). Four: the buses weren't running on time.

I had to get batteries today for the mouse/keyboard. It sucks, cause if they'd just lasted a few I'd have been able to get way more for twice as much. Bastards. It's times like this I hate they're wireless, but if they were wired there'd be wires everywhere.

There's a Muse gig in April I'll be going to with Mikey, cause it's in aid of a cancer charity.

Today things off e-bay arrived. Two clones (though one is a bit shitter then I thought it was, but alas... it was cheap) and a whole bunch of minis. Most are from The Force Unleashed (mostly the common and uncommon ones I haven't been able to get). The Verpine is so cute. The best one's the Emperor's Shadow Guard. It's so awesome, I can see myself getting whatever stuff of him that comes out. Also, the Battle Droid from Universe is all kinds of awesome.

Note to Hasbro: the Trade Federation did not use Homing Spider Droids. Tehey were used by the Commerce Guild before the Clone Wars and the Seperatists/Confederacy Of Independant Systems during.

I might do a follow-up poll to the other one at some point today. Cause I look having statistics to go by. Again, it weirds me out that so many vote, but so few comment on fics. I did do a fic with Jade from AFI, but it got seemingly overlooked making me think doing AFI fic might be a waste of time. Yet 12 people want it. It's madness.

If people start commenting more then I'll try to do more of the higher voted stuff. (Although yes, I'll still do the smaller niche stuff cause it's what I do.)

A rough active fic list is here. Questions? Opinions? Comments?

Anyway, this is turning into a weird and long post so I'll sign off here.

Edit: Scratch watching 3rd Rock, the dvds have no sound. Actually, the dvd's fine, the player got knocked and the lead came out slightly.
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