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Sean's Favourite Sex Act

Sean's Favourite Sex Act
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Warnings: Dildos, vomit, bondage, piss
Notes: Although I've had Ian/Sean mentioned or implied in a few fics, this is the first one with it directly.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I knocked on Sean's door, shuffling from one foot to the other. I was glad he wasn't on tour. I was here because I saw his little thing in Kerrang, which asked him his favourite things. Usually these things were harmless. Usually. With Sean they decided to ask him what his favourite sex act was. His answer? 'Anything involving lube, bums and inanimate objects. And vomit.' The first part didn't surprise me. It was clear he was a boy that loved anal, he even had a badge declaring that fact for fucks sake. No, it was the last part that surprised me. Why hadn't he told me about this? Ever since I'd read it images of him naked, fucking himself with a dildo and covered in sick filled my mind. I had to have him.

After a few minutes his door creaked open and there he stood, giving me a half-smile. He was only wearing one of our Mega Lolz tee's and a pair of boxers. "Hey Ian." I pushed past him, wandering into his living room. I heard the door shut and, once I was in the room, turned to look at him. "What's up?"

"I saw Kerrang." He looked at me, slight confusion in his eyes as he shrugged. "There was an interview with you, about your favourite things." Again he shrugged, not understanding what I wanted. "It had about your favourite sex act." That made his eyes widen, a clear sign he knew what I meant. I took a step towards him, growling softly. "Why didn't you ask me to do it? Hmmm?" I took another few steps up to him, until I was so close I could feel his breath on my face.

"Didn't you even think that I hadn't thought about that until recently?" He spoke in a soft, seductive tone that instantly made me fully erect. "Because that's true." He smirked and reached up, running his hand over my chest. "Why, would Ian like to do it?" His fingers moved lower, brushing over my bulging hard-on. "I take that as a yes." He closed the distance between us and planted his lips on mine, his tongue flicking between them. His arm wrapped around my waist, holding me close to him as his tongue explored my mouth. His hand groped my ass, his fingers stroking along the curve of my clothed cheeks.

I reached for his t-shirt, pulling at it rughly, eager to get him naked as fast as possible. He released my ass to raise both his arms above his head and pulled back from my lips. I tugged the material up and over his head, exposing his body for my hungry eyes as I discarded the offending clothing. He lowered his arms, pushing my jacket down over my shoulders then removing my own t-shirt in the same fashion I had his. Now topless, he crushed our bare bdoies together, his hands exploring my back as he kissed me roughly. He'd never been like this before. It was always me initiating things, me being in control. I wasn't sure where this had came from in him, but it made my dick throb. My hands went to his boxers, tugging them down slightly. Gravity took over once they were past his hips and they fell the remainder of the way to the floor. He had a beautiful cock and balls, the former as hard and dripping as my own, the latter low hanging, full and soft. I licked my lips at the sight of them, watching as he stepped out of his underwear. His nimble fingers undid my fly to expose my own crotch. In the rush to come over I hadn't bothered with putting on any underwear of my own. My shaft was slightly bigger then his own, perhaps due to my age, though he seemed to be thicker then when I saw him last.

I stepped out of my jeans, kicking off my trainers, glad to be finally as naked as he was. Free of clothing, I pushed him against the wall, kissing him hungrily. I caressed his skin, pinching his nipples to hardness. He purred against my mouth, then removed himself from me. "Let's go up." I nodded, allowing him to take my hand and lead me up to his room. His bedroom looked different to how I saw it last, a new, slightly larger bed, occupying it. He grinned at me, then pushed me towards the bed. My body fell onto the soft mattress and the younger boy climbed onto me. His cock rubbed against mine and he kissed me again, slipping his tongue into my mouth, twirling it around. On his old bed I'd laid back, pushing his head up and down my aching shaft. We'd done it more then once when we first met. I took his virginity in here. I let my eyes lid as his mouth travelled to my collarbone and I allowed him to pull my hands over my head.

That's when I heard the snap of cuffs, one on each wrist. My eyes flickered open and I struggled against them, seeing that the cuffs were actually connected to the bed posts. That explained the new bed. "What the fuck Sean?"

He grinned at me, stepping off the bed to cuff my ankles to the end of the bed. "I know this is different to how you probably pictured it, but it's what I want." He opened a drawer to the bedside table, pulling out a tube of lube and a dildo."You see, without you, I realised things. I learned a lot apart from you Ian." He got on the bed, sitting between my legs and popping open the tube, coating his fingers with the slick liquid. "At first, i kept doing like what you taught me. I sucked Gavin's cock and ate out Matthew's ass. Then I thought I should try something different." He pressed the tip of one finger against my ass, steadily pushing it in and making me groan. To him, I was a virgin, but I'd taken cock before and more then once. "So, one night I decided to get a guy to do things to me. I chose Gareth." He buried his digit fully inside me, wiggling it in my tight heat. "So, I got him to give me head, I made him lick my arse, then I buried my cock deep inside him. And you know something?" He twisted the finger, then pulled out and worked in a second. "It felt fucking amazing." I groaned, tipping my head back against the pillow as his fingers worked in to the knuckle. "So a few days later I decide to go to a sex shop yeah? Just outta interest you know? An they had so much in there. I got cuffs and gags and all kinds of toys. Then used them on Gareth. He loved it." He smirked as he started to scissor the fingers gently. "Then I used them on Gavin and Matthew, made them feel like whores. It's perfect, having three guys on tour to use as I wish. It was even hotter when I had them all together." He sighed at the memory, working in a third. "That was an awesome day." I opened my eyes to gaze at him, watching him as he wiggled them inside. "It was at Taste of Chaos that the vomitting kicked in. I was off stage at the end of The Used's set and I saw Bert come of stage to throw up. It gave me such a hard-on. So the next night, when I was with Gareth, I thrust my fingers down his throat." He removed his fingers, lubing up the dildo and pushing it inside me, sucking the fingers that had been inside me before speaking again. "He threw up all over himself then, it was so fucking beautiful." He pushed the dildo deep inside me, the rubber stretching me open wider. "Then I did it with the others. Bert and wiL too before the tour was out. Such a wonderful fucking time."

"Sean..." I gasped out his name as the rubber toy brushed against my spot, a smirk crossing his lips.

He put a finger to my lips, silencing me. "I pictured doing it to you, I just had to wait for you to come to me. I figured you would after Kerrang. It was perfect." He thrusted the toy in and out of me, my cock throbbing with arousal. Fuck, he was hot like this. I could see how he'd gotten the others to submit so easily. "Now I've tried other things as well in the time since, outta interest. Shitting's hot, but it feels best on Gareth. Pissing's better. Would you like me to piss on you later?" I groaned, not sure if that meant yes or no. He just chuckled, wiggling the dildo inside me. "Fuck I can't wait much longer." He yanked the dildo out of my ass, raising it to my lips as I whimpered at the loss. He moved to aim his cock for my hole, ready to thrust inside me. I pushed back against him, needing to feel him inside me. He smirked and, with one quick, fluid thrust he rammed deep inside me. My eyes lidded at the intrusion, but, more importantly, my mouth opened wide to let out a moan of pleasure. He took that opptunity to ram the rubber shaft into my lips and down my throat, almost making me gag. "Do it for me." I heard him groan above me. I could taste my ass on the shaft, feeling bile rise at the back of my throat as the shaft rubbed the back of it. He removed the dildo just in time as I threw up after it's removal, coating my chest in the thick, acidic fluid. "Fuck that's the stuff!"

I'd expected my dick to go down after doing that, but it remained hard and aching. Perhaps due to his rough fucking. He bent down over me, holding my tattooed hips as he planted his lips over mine. His tongue explored my mouth, even more eagerly then before. Soon, the taste of vomit had left my mouth and all I could taste was his sweet saliva. He was thrusting at a rough, almost desperate pace, his hand wrapped around my cock and stroking it slowly. I tugged on the cuffs, wanting to touch him and wrap my legs around his waist. He pulled away from my lip, chuckling at my actions. "Just like the others were." He licked the saliva from his lips, burying himself fully inside me but keeping his han movements almost agonisingly slow. "Would you like me to stroke you faster?"

"Yes..." I muttered breathlessly, squeezing my muscles around his dick.

He groaned, then smirked. He released my right hip, running a finger through my vomit before bringing it to my lips. "Suck it clean." I took it between my lips, wincing at the taste of it. Sick tasted even more vile like this. I lapped it off him, my need to get off overriding my disgust. "Good boy." He pulled the digit back, returning it to my hip and instantly jacking me off faster with his other hand. I kept rhythmically squeezing around him. "Fuck... you feel so good. Not as tight as I thought you would be, but still... fucking good." He groaned my name, his cock enlarging inside me. "Fuck... I'm..." He came deep inside me, coating my innards with thick cum. His fingers squeezed tight around me, the pressure enough to make my own cock erupt over my slick chest.

He pulled out from me, panting softly as he moved up, aiming his sticky, softening member for my belly. "Now, let's clean you off..." I watched as he pissed over my chest, removing all traces of my vomit and cum from my skin. His fluid felt so warm and if I hadn't just cum I'd have probably gotten hard from it. There was something intoxicating about it, which probably meant there was something wrong with me. When he was done, he flicked his tongue over my left armpit, panting as he licked up my sweat. Some thing's never change. He repeated the action on the other one, undoing my wrist cuffs as he did so. I rubbed at the slightly sore skin, circles of red having formed around the wrist where the metal had dug into my skin. He stood up, undoing my ankle restraints with a smile then curled up beside me, apparently not caring that the mattress was sticky with our fluids. "Ian?"

"Yeah?" I whispered between soft pants.

"Did you enjoy that?" he purred the words down my ear, making me shiver.

"Fuck yeah."

"If you want it to happen again, you have to do something for me." I turned my head to look at him in question, my eyes half lidding as he spoke. "Your new drummer, the nineteen year old. Get him to fuck you and film it." If I was more awake my eyes would've widened in disbelief, but he just chuckled. I couldn't get Ilan to fuck me, could I? Maybe. "Rest now." He kissed my forehead, resting his head against my piss-soaked chest, drifting to sleep with apparent ease.
Tags: fic, ian watkins/sean smith, lostprophets, slash, the blackout
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