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You're crazy lady! Screwed up in the head!

Oh gods, Sketch on Skins is such a fucking obsessive, crazed freak. Scary is what she is.

But yay for Maxxie being topless again. He's so hot. And has a nice ass. Please make out with a hot non-chav guy. I knew he'd only kiss a chick for a play.

The blonde, rich bint is an insult to Princess Leia. Gah!

Erm... what else?

I watched Resident Evil Extinction. Well, half watched cause I was retyping fic (which has lost it's original start). Still so many loose ends. There should be a sequel. With Alice clones making out?

Resident Evil 5 looks awesome, but so hard. Swarms of fast black dudes running at you is not a good thing unless machine guns and grenades are prevailent.

When's Umbrella Academy out here?
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