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Remind me of this war time

I've cancelled some of the stuff I've ordered. Namely the Mandolarian sets, Battlefront sets and a few others. When Mikey's here next, I they're still the same sort of price, I might get him to order them for me and give the money. I've not canncelled the individual figures, TNA or preorders.

Some of the stuff arrived this morning, namely the first three figures (C-3P0, Darth Malak and Droideka) and the first three dvds (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood boxset and Resident Evil Extinction). Resident Evil Extinction has a perdy cool holographic cover.

Thanks to kellysaysrawrrx I now have The New Regime's stuff on my comp. Huzzah!

I almost forgot about Skins tonight. Eeep. I'll watch that after Life in Cold Blood, then watch BBC3 for the funny's.

I'll try to watch Sarah Jane and Resident Evil Extinction tonight too. Plus I'm close to the end of Super Mario World, so I'll get on that.

I'm currently working on the Sean/Ian fic, cause I seem to have inspiration for it.

Why does crossbow1 lack logic? She's just said that Waycest is yuck, but I've seen her post on fuckyou before about Waycest fics. Stop wasting your life reading fics you know you will hate just to mock them you stupid bitch!

Things I'm doing over the next week:
*Tomorrow: possible Torchwood run (bar Out Of Time)
*Wednesday: Job Center of shitness. No doubt they'll have a go, but la la la I'm not listening. Means I can get pizza's though.
*Wednesday: Pull out reference books for End Of Days and Scream Aim Fire (meaning cover the bed in books and folders, using scraps of paper to bookmark the pages)
*At an undecided day: watch Blade Runner
*Sometime next week: Get Kit's stafighter

Writing-wise (over the next week+):
*Plaything Part 14
*The Used GSF
*End Of Days/Scream Aim Fire

Edit: And I just lost all of the Sean fic due to knocking out the stupid ass plug. Bah.
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