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Pairing: Dan Torelli/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Dildo, rimming
Notes: inspired by Dan's pirate fixation. Poll tomorrow.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

"Hey Dan?" I looked up at Matthew, excitement tinging the boy's voice. Why was it that fear rose in my belly whenever the older of my twin friends got excited? Oh yeah, cause it was never a good thing. He was grinning like an idiot too. It was worse then I imagined. "I saw someone who's perfect for you." Wait, now it was.

"Oh?" I raised an eyebrow at him. I had to at least act interested, or he wouldn't leave me alone all night until I did.

His grin seemed to widen and he gestured across the room. There were at least ten people in that direction, so I still had no idea who he meant. He sighed and rolled his eyes before speaking again. "The pirate." My ears perked up at that and I instantly scanned the ten. I fucking loved pirates and he knew it. I saw him then and smirked. He had a bandana on, concealing some of his long dark hair. He wore a plain black t-shirt and a pair of jeans that had large holes it that showed off his knees. Knees which were slightly bruised. He had a tattoo on his left arm, which i couldn't make out from this distance and due to the material of the sleeve covering it. The wrist of the same arm was covered by another bandana. Images started to fill my head about him. They weren't specific really, just of him naked, groaning and on his knees. "You like him?" Fuck, I'd forgot Matthew was still here, waiting to interrupt my thoughts.

"Fuck yeah." How else was I meant to respond? All my blood had travelled south.

He smirked and I was sure the blonde knew what I was thinking. Completely sure. "Go get him then."

Normally, I wouldn't do anything like that, but my cock was in charge. I downed the rest of my drink, then stood up and headed over to where he was standing. He was talking to a shorter, stockier male who was wearing similar clothing but no bandanas. His hair was long, but didn't go past his neck and he had a styled fringe. He held my interest for a few moments, but my gaze returned to my pirate target. He looked over at me as I approached, waving his friend away and whispering something to him to appease him. "Hey." He spoke first, his accent unfamiliar to me. At least I could understand it. Some drunk guy came to our table earlier and I couldn't understand a word he said due to his accent. Thankfully someone came and dragged him away.

"Hey... are you having a good night?" I sucked at opening liners.

"Yeah, it's alright. Could be better. You?" He smiled at me as he spoke those words, his voice soft.

"Yeah, same." I offered him a small smile. "I'm Dan and you are...?"

"Matt." He went quiet for a few moments as his blue eyes looked me over. His tongue flicked over his lips. I wondered what he was thinking and if his thoughts were like mine. After a few seconds, he spoke up, leaning in close to me. "I saw your friend send you over. Does he have a name?" Great, I'd lost another guy to Matthew.

I nodded and whispered softly. "Matthew."

"Hmm." He nodded in thought, then whispered softly. "I'll have to thank him later." I gave him a confused look at his response which made him chuckle softly. "For sending you." I blushed slightly at his words and he reached up to stroke my clothed chest. "Come with me." He leaned in closer and whispering even softer then before in my ear. "I'll be your pirate." With those words he had me.


Normally I wasn't this impulsive, but there was something about Matt. Ok, it was totally the pirate thing. We were now in his hotel room and my t-shirt was already discarded on the floor. He was sitting on the bed, grinning as he watched me strip. He'd told me to do so once we entered the room. I reached down to my jeans, undoing the top button and unzipping the fly slowly. I pushed them down my legs, stepping out of them leaving me in just my sneakers and bulging boxers. He seemed to appreciate the view, his eyes darting up and down my body. "Come here." I bit my lip and took a step forward, but he held his hand for me to stop. "Crawl."

I fell to my hands and knees and moved along the floor towards him. Normally I'd never get on my knees, but he was a pirate. I'd dreamed about pirates since I was little, so it was naturally my first sexual fantasy. It stuck with me even to this day, which was why I was now crawling towards him. I looked up at him as I neared him, seeing him smirk and spread his legs. I parted my lips, leaning between his legs and taking his zipper between my lips. I looked up at him and, upon seeing him nod in approval, I moved my head down until his fly was undone. I reached up with my tight hand, flicking open his button and opening his jeans up. I took the waistband of the boxers beneath between my teeth and slowly tugged them down, exposing his crotch. He was well endowed, about the same size as I was although his balls were larger then mine. His shaft seemed a little longer and not as thick as my own, but I didn't care. I took a deep breath and held him up by the base, flicking my tongue over the soft head. I'd never sucked cock before, so I was going to try and take it slow. I wrapped my lips around his dick, then inched my lips down his shaft. "That's it..." He purred above me, running a hand through my long hair.

I let my eyes lid as I moved up and down his dick, slowly taking more of him in each time. He stroked my hair, urging me to gently increase my speed. I did as he wanted, sucking on a slightly faster pace. I still only had about half of him at most, but I was working on taking more. I had a feeling I wasn't a natural. Alas, I kept trying, feeling myself start to gag as I took it down my throat. My tongue flicked over his shaft as I pulled back. My hands moved to his knees, stroking at his soft skin. He seemed to like it as he purred above me. As I worked my lips down him again I felt something at my boxers. Matt's hand held my head in place, so I couldn't turn around to see who or what it was. I whimpered around his cock, slowing my movements slightly. Fingers tugged the material of my underwear down to my knees, revealing the last clothed parts of my body. I looked up at matt and he just smiled at me. "Keep pleasuring your Captain's cock." I squirmed slightly at his words and did as he told me, not trying to look back again.

I felt hands on my ass cheeks, pulling them as far apart as they could. I let out a soft groan around the dick in my mouth, feeling the person behind me bury their face between my cheeks. I could feel them inhale my scent, which made me squirm slightly. I tried not to think about it, bobbing my head up and down Matt's cock quicker to distract myself. It worked, up until I felt a probing tongue push it's way into my asshole. My eyes lidded as the soft muscle buried itself deep inside me. If Matt's cock wasn't between my lips, then sounds of pleasure would be audiable as the tongue twirled around my inner walls. I squeezed my lips around him, hearing him groan above louder. I tried to move as best I could, but the tongue squirming around in my asshole was ample distraction. Whoever it was pulled back, taking a deep breath before lapping along my sweat-slick cleft. It darted back inside me, causing me to moan out loud around Matt's dick. I wished I could pull back and voice my pleasure properly, or see who it was inside me.

The tongue pulled back again as did the face, leaving my ass completely. I felt them breath against my ass cheeks, then felt something press against my hole. At first I expected it to be a finger, but as it entered me I knew it wasn't. It stretched me open, slowly pushing it's way inside me. I had a feeling it was a dildo. "Fuck that's hot." Matt groaned above and I could see him tip his head back. All these groans I was making must be sending vibrations down his shaft, just as if I was humming. I felt the dildo push deep inside me, filling up the depths of my ass. If it wasn't going slow and wasn't lubed up, I was sure I'd be tearing around it. No wonder guys took it up the ass, if this was how it felt. It felt so fucking good, even though it wasn't at my spot yet. I squeezed my lips tight around Matt's cock as the head of the dildo brushed against my spot. Then all the movement of it stopped and I was sure it was buried fully within me now. I felt the other person move from behind me, then Matt bucked forward, forcing his cock down my throat. "Fuck..." He came in thick spurts down my throat, almost making me choke on the thick, salty fluid. I swallowed as best I could though some dribbled out from between my lips, especially when he pulled out. "Such a good boy." As he stroked my hair I turned my head, looking for the other person.

But there wasn't anyone there.

Matt wiped his length across my face, leaving a sticky smear of cum there. then, he reached under my chin and tipped my head up, examining my face "You look like such a whore like that boy." I could feel heat rise to my cheeks as he said that. he wiped his thumb over the cum on my chin, then raised the pad to my lips. I extended my tongue, licking it clean. "Do I taste good boy?"

"Yes Captain." I whispered to him softly.

He grinned at my words, stroking the curve of my face gently. "Good boy." He slowly stood, kicking his jeans away before moving behind me and wiggling the end of the dildo, causing the plastic shaft to move inside me. "Like that boy?" I nodded, moaning again. He started to pull it out a few inches, then thrust it back inside me, slamming it against my spot. He chuckled as I gripped onto the chair he'd occupied, pulling it out again to thrust it back within me. With my mouth free I was finally able to make the noise I'd wanted to while I'd been sucking him. I groaned out his name, pushing my ass back against the thrusting dildo. "Eager little slut." I felt him remove the shaft completely, hearing a soft pop as it left my asshole. At first I thought he was going to thrust it all the way back in, but alas, he didn't. I whimpered softly, pushing my ass back and twisting my head to look at him. he had the shaft in front of his face and was lapping my juices off it, even slipping the black head between his lips. Seeing the dildo, I was surprised I had taken it's shiny, black length so easily.

I finally found my voice when he tossed the toy onto the bed, clearly finished with it. "Captain, who was that at my ass?"

"Another boy. He's of no concern to you boy." He moved himself fully between my legs, placing his renewed erection at my stretched opening. He leaned over my back, whispering softly in my ear as his head pushed inside me. "You want me to plunder you don't you boy? Because your tight, virgin little asshole is a treasure that I want to take from you." I shivered at his words, pushing back against him and nodding wildly. "I thought you might." He rammed inside me in one quick thrust, making me moan out loud. The dildo had prepared me quite adequately for his shaft and I was sure that was his intention. He started moving inside me in hard, rapid thrusts, burying himself fully within my virgin walls and slamming my spot each time.

"Can I touch myself Captain?" He grunted against my ear, then straightened up behind me, gripping onto my sharp hips as he did so.

"Yes boy." I restsed my forehead against the cushion of the chair, reaching under myself and taking my rock hard, aching cock in hand. I started jacking myself off in rough rhythm. I tried to move at the same pace he was going, but instead ended up going faster, due to my desperation to get off. I couldn't help it, he was just so fucking hot. I moaned his name as he rammed against my spot, my ass squeezing tight around him every time he did so.It wouldn't take much to make me cum. "Are you close boy?" I managed to nod, mumbling incoherently as sweat coated every inch of my skin. He laughed above me, letting go of my left hip to slap my ass. "Shoot for your Captain boy." I let out a howl of pleasure, arching and shooting cloudly jets of cum. The first few were shot so hard they landed on my face, splattering on my cheek, lips and chin. The rest landed on my stomach and chest. "Fuck that's hot boy."

I smiled and panted heavily, my ass clamping vice-like around his shaft. He kept thrusting inside me, no doubt having a little extra stamina from his earlier orgasm. "Please shoot in me Captain, claim my ass as your own." My words seemed to override what little will ower remained and I felt him shoot deep inside me. He pumped his load deep within me, marking my insides as his territory. He remained in me until his balls were empty, then panted softly.

"You're quite amazing boy." He stroked my back and petted my hair, slowly pulling out after a few minutes. "You will call your friends and make an excuse not to be with them for the next few days, you're staying with me."

I nodded, licking my lips slightly at the thought of spending so much time with him. He climbed on the bed and petted the space beside him, which I quickly crawled over to occupy. I snuggled up against his still clothed torso, wondering if I'd see the other boy. Matt kept stroking my hair and I let my eyes lid, driffting off to sleep. I felt the bed dip and, through one half-open eye, could see the other boy take a similar position on Matt's opposite side. If I wasn't so tired I'd say something to him, or at least get a better look at him. All I managed was to blow him a kiss, which he returned in kind, then I fell asleep on Matt's chest.
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