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Hair Pulling

Hair Pulling
Pairing: Tom Kaulitz/Bill Kaulitz
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bill
Warnings: Domination

I growled into my twin's ear as I pushed him against the bed, running my hands over his bare back. He looked so beautiful naked. I pressed my hips against his ass, my dick slipping easily between his cheeks. I smiled, rubbing my length along his cleft. "Now, should I fuck you?" I scratched at his back ever so slowly as I spoke to him in our native tongue. "Or should I do what I did last night?" I smirked as he groaned at my words, obviously remembering what it felt like to have my hand buried inside him. He still couldn't sit down comfortably. I grinned as he pushed up against me, his body clearly desiring my cock more. Of course he did, since I pushed my cock between his lips last night instead.

Such an eager little slut. I pushed my dick against his hole, the tip brushing against his ring. "Well?"

He shivered below me, gripping onto the sheets as his lips finally formed a soft reply that I couldn't hear at first. After I pulled away an inch, he soon spoke up. "Please, fuck my ass Billa." With a grin, I pushed my cock back in place, letting just my head pop into him. He held onto the bedsheets tighter, pushing his ass back against me. I gripped onto his asscheeks tightly, holding onto him. With one quick thrust I rammed my length into him.

He cried out louly beneath me, in pleasure or pain I wasn't sure. I started thrusting at a rough pace, my hands leaving his ass to grab his dreadlocks. I pulled on them roughly, yanking him up and licking at his neck. I loved pulling his hair. "Say my name bitch." I growled in his ear, pulling his hair roughly and releasing one to strand to push him back against the bed.

"Shit, Billa. Fuck me harder!" He wiggled his ass against me, squeezing desperately around me. I chuckled softly, obliging by thrusting harder into him. I yanked on his dreadlocks, wrapping the longest one around my right hand to get a better grip. Occasionally, my own hair got into my eyes from my movements, so I just blew air upward to move the errant strands. I don't want to let go of my brother.

I watched one of his hands leave the sheets to his cock, his fingers wrapping around his erection. I hadn't told him to do that, which would usually be a punishable offence, but right now I didn't care. Plus, watching him fist his cock was undeniably hot. The sight made me lose what little control I had over my movements, so my thrusts became even rougher then before. Not that either of us cared of course. I growled softly down at him, hearing my twin whimper. "Keep talking to me slut."

He groaned, speeding up the jacking of his cock. "Fuck my ass harder Billa, it's all yours. No one else's. Always." I chuckled softly, releasing the dreadlock I held in my left hand and slapping his asscheek hard. He let out a soft yelp of pain, though I knew he loved it. I spanked him again, watching his cheek redden from the hits. He looked so beautiful like that. After a few more hits, I gripped onto his hip, knowing I should concentrate fully on my thrusts. I rammed deep into him, letting my eyes flutter closed. I knew I was close and how could I not be, with my hot little slut of a brother under me.

I groaned in pleasure, burying mysel deep inside him. "Milk me slut!" His ass squeezed tight around me repeatedly. I pulled his dreadlock back hard, kissing his neck and biting at the area where it met his shoulder. "Fuck Tom..." My cock expanded in his tight depths just before I came in thick pulses. I could see him spurting at the same time as me and smirked. It was a twin thing. It didn't happen all the time, but it did mostly. I wondered if it was a normal twin thing, but assumed it was. After all, how many twins would readily admit to climaxing at the same time?

I slipped out of him, finally letting go of his hair. I slapped his ass again, stepping back to watch him as he pushed two fingers inside himself. He wiggled them in his used entrance, then removed them and sucked them clean. Such a good boy. I brushed my hand through my hair, leaned down and planted my lips on his neck. "Love you." I whispered softly against his heated skin, which he returned with a low groan due to his fingers in his mouth. "I'll punish you for touching yourself without permission later."
Tags: bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz/tom kaulitz, fic, slash, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz
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