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I hate this day, it's pointless and eh. I will protest by not mentioning it, then hiding in bed until it goes away.

Speaking of bed, it is a foul, evil temptress. It meant I didn't finish fic (though I did start it and m about halfway through... it's just smut though, so it's short).

I feel better cause Play is packing stuff. I was only meant to get 2 Star Wars figs. it ended up being 8, plus Torchwood, Sarah Jane, House Of The Dead 2 dvd and Resident Evil.

One of the Pocketmodels I gotyesterday weirds me out. it had no instructions for itcome up. Odd. I had to work from instinct.

Someone get me a cap aboiut 30 seconds in of this video. Youtube/my comp hates me though and I go no sound for it.

Also, there's a new one about the Clone Wars on the Star Wars site, which has kit at the end. Huzzah.

I'm buying games on the virtual console, cause I can. So nyeh.
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