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You're crazy Torchwood! You're crazy!

A random thought on today: Why does my gaydar only work when it's insanely obvious? Bah

Torchwood ramblings ahoy!

First off, Adam.:
*It wasn't as good as I though iit'd be
*Yay for Ianto and Jack
*Did anyone else get images of Ianto going all murderer on Jack? It'd be perfect. Kill him, he revives, kill him again I bet the Master did that
*Adam and Ianto kissing was weird
*I didn't like Adam at all
*Poor Jack. Now we definately know about Grey though, and Boeshane. It looks like a beach planet (with the city behind him looking like a sand castle)
*It amuses me that Toosh and Owen's personalities seems to switch, though bad Adam for not making her want owen.

Onto Reset:
*It was better then I thought it'd be
*Martha was awesome (and just fits right in)
*The random newspaper cutting of Margret Blaine amused me
*Jack wanting a red cap for Ianto< 3
*Ianto going off into his own little world when sex with Jack is mentioned (and of course he's innovative... doing it with aliens and all)
*Why do they just assume it's the Doctor that put in a reference for her? What's to say it wasn't someone evil?
*Never use Smantha as an alias again. I hate it shortened
*I bet Ianto and Jack use that chain....
*The Pharm's symbol's like the one Lazlabs used...
*Martha has a boyfriend? Who is he? Has she made sure he doesn't have a zipper on his forehead?
*No Owen! You do not die just after you agree to date Tosh. That's just wrong. You do not make little Tosh happy then break her heart by dying like that, damnit!

Next week:
*Please Jack don't use the risen mitten glove. That causes nothing but trouble.
*Why's there a need for an autopsy? He died from being shot, no mystery there.
*In short, next week has death (or soemthing like it) and weevils. There's already been speculation he'll end up coming back as the king of them. True? Who knows until next week. Bring Owen back so he can date Tosh or I will strike someone down
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