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To Make This All Go Away

To Make This All Go Away
Pairing: Brent Wilson/Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: Bondage, 69ing

I walked up to our former bandmates doorway, with an eager, yet fearful, Ryan in ow a few steps beind me. I was sure I could handle this alone, but Ryan had insisted he come along with me. I was sure it was because he was tiring of Brendon and his constant, clumsy advances. That, and the stupid faces he seemed to be constantly pulling. I had considered bring Zack instead, then I could always have used him to threaten violence, but I'd decided that would've been a bad idea.

I raised my hand to the door, stabbing my finger at his doorbell. I heard the ring from behind the wood, tapping my foot against the floor. I once vowed never to see our former bassist. Now, here I was, back in front of his place. Bastard trying to get money that he didn't deserve. He'd already recieved his fair share from tours and royalties, but still he wanted more. I heard the door unlock and watched it open.

Brent stood there, looking just as he always did only with slightly longer hair. "What do you want?" He asked in a soft, gruff voice as he looked us over.

"We're here to talk." I bought my hand up, pushing him out of the way so we could get inside. Ryan pressed tight against me as he followed me in. I led the way into the dark, messy living room and took up a position in front of the sofa. I turned around, making Ryan gasp at my sudden movement and he quickly scooted back into a position behind me. "What's it going to take to make this all go away." Brent opened his mouth to reply, but I shook my head slightly. "Not money."

Brent chuckled softly, moving to slump in the chair facing me. "Straight to the point, as always Spencer." He kept his eyes on us as he spoke. I folded my arms across my chest, returning his gaze with one of my own. After what seemed like an eternity of staring each other down, he spoke to me. "Actually, there is something you can do for me. Both of you." His eyes flickered to Ryan as he said those words, his tongue snaking out over his lips. I wondered what was going through his head.

After a few seconds of silence, it was clear he wasn't going to eleborate. Whatever it was, if it got rid of him then it was worth it. "With we do it, you stop all this and we never see you again, deal?"

Brent nodded, waving one hand through the air, a smirk on his face. "You'll never hear from me again."

I was sure Ryan would be glaring at me for signing him up to whatever Brent wanted with us. If it was up to him he'd want to know what it was first, or back out altogether beforehand. "What do you want?"

"First off, get naked." I blinked at him, which only made him smirk more, his hand on his crotch. "Before you say anything, you promised you'd do anything." I shook my head slightly, but realised he was right. I reached up and started undoing my shirt, glancing to Ryan behind me. From the look on his face it was hard to believe that he was older then me. I shook my head at his wide eyes, pushing my shirt down my arms to drop to the floor. As soon as it touched the surface I made a mental note to burn it when I got home. When it was clear Ryan wouldn't take off his clothes I decided to take matters into my own hands. I spun around and hooked my fingers under his t-shirt, pulling up over his head. I was thankful he'd decided to come out in only one layer. I heard a groan from behind us, meaning that he was obviously enjoying me disrobing my best friend.I shook my head, pulling the material from his slender form.

"Don't worry, as long as I'm here, you'll be fine." I kept my voice soft and low, so only he could hear me. He nodded raising his arms to allow me to lift it over his head and I offered him a small smile as I dropped it to the floor. He reached down for his own fly, seemingly assured by my words. I took a deep breath, then did the same to my own, turning back around to Brent. He had a bag at his feet now and I had a sinking feeling I'd regret this. Still, there was no going back now. If we did, I was sure he'd manage to harass us more somehow. I undid my top button, unzipping my fly and let my pants fall to my ankles. Shame I'd have to burn them, I quite liked them. I let my boxers join them on the floor, then stepped out of both. I glanced back at Ryan and nodded as he was the same level of nudity as I. Just in our shoes. There was no way I was letting my bare feet touch this carpet. "What now?"

Brent just sat there, his eyes trailing over our now naked body's. I started tapping my foot impatiently, just wanting him to answer me already so we could hurry up. He finally stopped watching us, pulling something out of the bag. A length of rope. "Spencer, tie him up." My eyes widened at his words and he grinned at my reaction. I had a feeling he'd say what he said before if I hesitate any longer, so snatched the rope from him. I looked Ryan in the eyes as I returned to him, letting him know that he was still safe. He bought his wrists together, holding them out in front of him. I smiled at him, wrapping the rope around his tattooed wrists, noting how his dick was twitching to life. Pervert. I tied the rope securely, then turned back to Brent.

His pants were unzipped and he had his cock out. His dick was thick and pulsing, though he didn't have his fist wrapped around it. I awaited instruction from him, feeling my own dick start to harden. Stupid fucking thing. Brent snaked his tongue over his lips, before finally deciding to speak. "Ryan, lay down on the floor." I moved out of the way slightly and watched as he did as he was told, resting on the floor face up. His twitching boner was sticking out from his crotch, making it clear he was enjoying this. "Good boy." There was a slight pause and I guessed he was just looking over his former bandmate. "Now, Spencer, get on him." Now, that could mean anything. Did he want me sitting on his cock? His face? His chest? Or did he mean he wanted me laying on top of him? I needed clarity, something Brent wasn't known for. When I didn't act he decided that he should say something. "Lay on him." I knelt down and climb onto Ryan so we were face to face, our cocks brushing against each other. I could see Ryan's breath hitch in his throat.

"No, not like that!" I turned to look at him, curious as to what we were doing wrong. Ryan pressed his hips up against me and I let out a soft moan at the contact of our dicks. "Fuck... no, you have to have you dick's in each other's faces." I blinked at his words, but before I could protest I felt Ryan kiss my cheek. It was obvious what he wanetd us to do. I flicked my eyes to him, then started to move around until his crotch was in my face. During the move I noticed that Brent had a camera on the arm of the chair, pointed at us. I ignored it, letting him have his fun. I looked at Ryan's crotch, taking in the close up view of my best friend's private area. "Suck each other." Before he even said that I felt Ryan's softness on my erection, lapping at my hardened skin.

I took a deep breath, parting my lips and taking his head between them. I closed my eyes, sucking down his shaft as he did the same to mine. I parted my legs slightly, pushing my crotch against his face. I tried to mimic his actions as best I could, lapping at the underside of his length, but moving at a slower pace then him. I guess the rumors of him being a cocksucker had some basis in fact after all. Although I had heard guys moaning backstage at some gigs and from his hotel room, I just assumed it was someone else. He had my member fully between his lips and down his throat already. I breathed through my nose, inhaling his scent as I tried to imitate him. I hadn't had anything between my lips in awhile, so it took me awhile to get to a similar pace to his.

I looked up slightly and noticed that Brent had left his seat, though the camera remained on the arm. My nose rubbed against Ryan's soft balls as I took him down to the base, groaning around his shaft. Ryan's fingers brushed against my skin of my belly, whille I just stroked his knees. As I bobbed my head up and down at a steady pace, I felt something probe between my asscheeks. I couldn't turn my head to look, as one of Brent's hands held onto my head. The other was at my ass, his dry middle finger pushing inside me. I moaned even louder around Ryan, thrusting my hips into his face as Brent pushed the digit into me. He forced it into me roughly, wiggling it inside my hole. I felt tears of pain spring to the corners of my eyes as he added a second, scissoring them withing my tightness. I tried to surpress the pain, not wanting to bite into Ryan's cock by mistake. I focussed on sucking my friend off, rather then the slight burning sensation in my ass. I moved my head at a rhythmic pace, trying to move like Brent's fingers were. I hoped I wasn't choking Ryan with my ddick since Brent's movements meant I wasn't able to move back from his mouth. After a few moments the fingers probing my ass retreated and I was able to resume slight movement once more.

However, Brent didn't give me much of a break. After a few moments, his cock was at my entrance, pushing it's way into my now-open hole. I hissed around Ryan's length, since his shaft was bigger then his fingers had been. He moved with surprising slowness until his balls pressed against my ass. He remained within me, clearly to let me get used to him. I wondered why he wasn't just thrusting within me, tearing me open with no regard for how much pain I was in. When he did start moving, he kept his pace slow and steady, with both his hands on my ass cheeks. I moved with him, my cock leaving Ryan's mouth as he left my ass, then slamming back down his throat when Brent plunged into me. I groaned around Ryan's dick, trying to go back to the speed on him that I was at before Brent started distracting me with his fingers and cock. I squeezed my lips and twirled my tongue over his head, keeping my palms flat on the floor as I did so.

Brent gradually speed up the force and speed of his thrusts inside me, the pain having subsided now an turning into pleasure. Especially since every time he slammed inside me he hit that bundle of nerves buried within me. People always said you could see stars when you got that spot hit. In actuality, it was more like a blur of colour, but maybe that was just me. We all moved in a strange sort of unison now, Ryan getting used to my sharp thrusts down his throat and adjusting his technique accordingly. His tongue did circleds over my head when I pulled out, then he relaxed his throat for when I rammed back. I had to admire his adaptability. I could feel that I was close and I wondered if they were both too. I didn't want to be the first to cum, though it would make sense if I did since I was recieving the most pleasure. "Fuck Spence, you feel so good." I smiled around Ryan at Brent's words, tightening my hole around him. In response, he dug his nails into my cheeks, leaving crescent shaped marks that would be there for days.

He rammed into me harder and, just as I though I would, I came first, spurting down the guitarist's throat. "Holy shit." Brent followed suit as my ass squeezed around him, his dick spasming as he painted my insides. As he did so, I could feel Ryan swallow everything I gave him. I tried to keep up my movements on Ryan's cock, but the force of my orgasm meant I was too exhausted to remain at the pace I was at earlier. The boy released my cock from between his lips, letting it rest against his cheek as it softened. Brent stroked up and down my spine as he slowly pulled out. Once he was all the way out, I felt Ryan's tongue push behind my balls, lapping up the cum that came out with him. The boy raised his hips up, shooting a thick load into mouth. I swallowed as best I could, though some of it dribbled from between my lips and stained his pubic hair.

There, our bodies lay in a sweaty, intertwined mass for a few minutes until we each drifted off into a post-orgasmic slumber. When I awoke, Ryan was out from under me, his hands untied and his t-shirt covering his chest as he sat perched on the couch. Brent was sitting beside him, an arm wrapped around his shoulder.

"Ah you're awake." Brent grinned at me, licking his lips. I wondered if I'd msised something in my slumber. "I was starting to think you'd died from cumming."

I picked myself up from the floor, watching as Ryan slipped from Brent's grip and pull on his pants. I took that as he a sign that he wanted to leave, so started to dress as well. Perhaps I wouldn't burn my clothes after all, though for some reason my boxers were absent from the pile. "I guess we'll be going then. I trust you'll honour our agreement."

"You'll never see me again." Brent nodded and I trusted he'd keep to his word. "That is, unless you come looking for me that is." He winked at me as he said that, content to let us make our own way out. Perhaps I would. Perhaps.
Tags: brent wilson, brent wilson/ryan ross/spencer smith, fic, panic! at the disco, ryan ross, slash, spencer smith
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