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Space weather!

Curse ye bed making me nap. I was meant to have the Brent fic done earlier yet I haven't. Damnit.

I'll still try and get the two of em done before bed though.

I went to see nan today too. Basically I had to take her drink and read to her. I also got a figure from Woolworths, though I got it cause he's big rather then anything else. He's so ugly.

I'm writing now, so should have it finished in an hourish. I have pics uploaded ready for it.

We are going tomorrow. I'll get at least another figure (depending on if sci-fi shop has good/recent ones, if not then it's an Argos pack instead), Kerrang and try to get Simple Plan's single. That reminds me, I might do a Simple Plan fic at some point.

Another think I'll be looking for is the TNA dvds. I won't be getting on since I don't know if Johnny's in any of them. No Johnny=not worth it yet to me. Anyone know? Also there's gonna be a TNA game out, which if Johnny's in it, then I'll definately get it. That'll make it the first sporting game I'll buy.

I keep forgetting Resident Evil Extinction's out next week. I dunno when I'll get it yet. I guess it all depends.

Why does Lily Allen have her own damn show? Can't she go away?

I'm watching Phoo Action now (did I just hear it right saying the lead was gay? that makes it even better) and writing.
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