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But somehow in the future

It turned out the package I missed was one of the most awesome things ever (in a box that's way oversized). It's the Family Guy Blue Harvest special! yay! I'm totally putting it on after this post. It'll be the first time I'll have seen it properly, since I've only watched it on youtube once before now. Still, it's so awesome. I can't wait to see what they do with Empire (and Jedi and, if they decide to, the prequels). Fweee!

Anyone that like StarWars should make a note of August 15th, cause that's when the new Clone Wars is gonna be in cinemas. So far away!

Skins was last night. Maxxie has awesome dancing skills. I bet they come in handy. Him and Tony are just so cute, I hope they get together. What's up with him getting off with Chav boy though? Seems like Maxxie's got a stalker too. Someone we know or someone knew? I'm so glad he seems to be getting more screen time this series. I think the amount of time he was in this ep is close to his total screen time last series. His dad just amuses me. Poor Tony though.

I dunno if I'm going out tomorrow anymore, me and mum keeep fighting so I'm not sure. If we go, I'll be offline all day, if not I'll be on all day.

Megadeath is interesting sounding.

I started the Brent fic last night, so that'll be done today. After that I'm gonna try do the Kaulitz twins one for tonight too. Nothing springs to mind for the bfmv100 challenge yet though.

I'm also gonna be messing about in here for a bit after Family Guy. Knowing me, I'll get frustrated and quit mid-way.
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