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Kerrang Tour 2008: By Myself

Kerrang Tour 2008: By Myself
Pairing: Matthew Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Notes: Inspired by how fucking bendy Matthew is.
No Kissing

I keyed in the entrance code to the tour bus, thankful I'd managed to get away. Getting any time alone was so rare on tours, so I was thankful that the bus was empty as I stepped inside it. I walked through the darkness, making a beeline straight to my bunk, my fingers already tugging off my t-shirt in anticipation of what was to come. I darted my eyes left and right when I removed the clothing from over my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Satisfied I was still alone I lightly trailed my fingers over my slim, bare body to my sharp hips. I ran my tips over the skin, then took the zipper of my fly between them, quickly working it down. I popped open the top button, then swayed my hips, the jeans easily falling down my legs. My cock slapped my chest once it was freed from it's confines and I was once again glad the girl's jeans I wore meant underwear was impractical. I petted my aching length, then stepped from the jeans that had pooled around my ankles.

I sat on my bunk, then bought my feet up and removed my shoes one at a time, dropping them onto the floor below. Fully naked now, I lay down on the bunk with a soft sigh. I considered pulling the curtain back, giving me more privacy but, as there was no one around, I failed to see the point. I reached for my crotch, groping my erection. I didn't have any dirty magazines or porn dvds to occupy my interest. Neither interested me since most of them were fully of fake people. I never understood why people could get off on watching unatural looking people do it. Instead, I had a picture taped to the ceiling of the band. It had been taken last year when we were all very drunk. In it, we were all hugging naked. It always made my dick twitch and bought a smile to my face.

I wrapped my fingers around my shaft, tugging on it slightly. I had no intention of jacking myself off to completion, instead I was just ensuring my arousal. I swiped my thumb over the head, biting back a soft groan. In a few moments, I was sure I'd be ready. With my free hand I reached between my legs, combing my fingers through my pubic hair. I brushed my fingers over my full, heavy sac, an action which caused my eyelids to flutter closed. I hadn't came in over a week. That was ok though, since I'd gotten the natural high of performing in front of thousands of people instead. I stroked the soft, wrinkled skin gently, letting out a soft purr. My dick twitched in my hand, the head now slick with sticky precum. I decided I was now ready, so released both cock and balls.

I opened my eyes, then scooted down the bed and curled my body up. Once again, I was glad that I'd spent so much time doing yoga. I wrapped an arm around my legs, holding them in place as my cock hovered above my face. I parted my lips, extending my tongue and swiping it over my cock head. I shivered slightly and leaned up, taking it between my lips. I bought my other hand to my mouth, moving from my dick for a moment to take two of them, swiping my tongue over the skin to cover them in saliva. After a few seconds I pulled them out and reached around myself.

I closed my eyes, keeping my lips open as I pushed my middle finger inside myself. The movement meant that my cock jerked foward into my mouth and I squeezed my lips around my length. I moaned around my dick, wiggling the finger that was inside my ass. I allowed one of my eyes to open, gazing between my legs at the picture above as I moved my head up and down. All of us were all beautiful, each of us with pretty hips despite the tattoo on my twin's. I worked my second finger in beside the first, groaning around myself. I lapped at my underside, gazing at each of our cocks, my eyes drawn to Dan's thickness as always. I smiled around myself, sucking harder as I pictured him ploughing me. My fingers plunged deeper into me, opening me up and pushing my hips closer to my face. Half of my dick was between my lips now, which was about the most I could take. One day I hoped to be able to position myself to take my whole dick, or even eat out my own ass. I wasn't even sure if the latter was possible, but a guy could dream.

I increased the force of my proping fingers, sucklingly eagerly on my cock. It always seemed like such a waste of cum to just jack off and squirt over my chest. It was impossible to scoop every drop of cum from your skin. I much rather prefered sucking myself off and only jacked off when I absolutely needed to. I could feel myself get closer, so kept my fingers buried deep within me, wiggling them against my insides. My cock expanded slightly in my mouth and fired hot, thick jets of cum down my throat. I allowed my eyes to lid once more, swallowing every drop of the salty fluid, my fingers slipping from my hole. I released my softening cock from my lips, panting softly. I slowly reopened my eyes, gazing over my sweat-slick chest as it rose and fell.

"Holy fuck." I flciked my eeys over to the hallway, where Dan stood, his bulge clearly visible. I wondered how long he'd been watching me, though guessed it was for long enough. "That's so hot man." He came towards me and I allowed myself a small smile as his fingers played with his fly. "So, are you any good at giving head?"

"How about you find out for yourself?"
Tags: fic, kerrang 2008 series, madina lake, matthew leone, slash
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