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Plaything Part 13

Pairing: Padge/Matthew Leone
POV: Padge
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage, slavery, piss
Notes: Yeah, there's been a mad long delay in this. Eep. Well, here it is at last.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
1: Jay
2: Jay
3: Moose
4: Jay
5: Ian
6: Jay
7: Ray
8: Jay
9: Omar
10: Jay
11: Ray
12: Oli
13: Padge

I looked around the room that I'd woken up in. I was on a large bed, roughly in the middle of the room, with my wrists and and ankles tied to the bedposts. A ball gag between my lips silenced any sounds I tried to make and there was also something up my ass, perhaps a dildo or butt plug. There was no one else in the room that I could see, though I kept looking just in case there was one in the darkness. Still no movement.

This was insane. I should be at home, with my cock buried balls deep down Jay's ass or throat. Why the fuck I was even restrained to some strange bed was beyond me. The guys had always said that I'd get too drunk one day and wake up in a fucked up situation. They'd always assumed I'd be raped or something. I'm sure none of them had this in mind when they joked about that.

I heard a door open, twisting my head in it's direction. Two people entered the room, though only one headed towards me. He had blonde hair with a dark stripe in it and was wearing only a short black skirt. He gave me a smile as he walked up to me, stopping when he stood at my bedside. He opened up the top drawer of the bedside table, pulling out a few items and putting them on top of the wooden surface. With my eyes, I begged him to release me, though he just shook his head. "I'm just here to make you look pretty." He picked up a razor blade, stroking my cheek gently with his other hand. "First I have to get rid of that horrible beard." He started to shave of the beard I'd grown on my chin, removing the bristly hair. I wondered if Jay had put him up to this, he'd always hated the beard. I'd chosen to let it grow almost a year ago and he always complained about it. The boy collected all hair that had fallen from it and put it in the drawer. He held up a mirror with that same smile upon his face. "There, much better." I started at my reflection, noting how my facial hair had been sculpted to look similar to my old small goatee.

He set the razor and mirror aside, picking up eyeliner. No fucking way was he putting that shit on me. I struggled against the bonds when he put the tip of it against my eye and he growled. "I've been authorised to hurt you if I must." I glared at him defiantly, not scared of a weak little pretty boy like him. If I wasn't restrained I'd take him and fuck his sweet ass in a heart beat. "As you wish." He moved the tip from beside my eye, then used his free hand to reach between my legs. He clasped my balls in his fingers, rubbing them against the soft skin. I let out a soft groan behind the gag at the feeling, letting my eyes fall half closed. Then, with no warning he squeezed them painfully tight and twisted them, my eyes widening in agony. "Going to behave now?" I still glared at him, but nodded, my eyes watering. He let go of my sac and started to line my eyes with the liner. Great, I was gonna look like a fucking pussy.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other male set up cameras, all pointed at the bed I was in. Shit I was going to get fucking filmed like this. Bastards. The guy beside me finished applying the liner, then dabbed around my eyes with red shadow. "Nearly done now." He whispered softly, kissing my cheek lightly. My balls still ached from the treatment he'd given them as he used a tube of black lipstick on me. Seemingly satisfied, he held up the mirror again. Shit, I looked like a whore. He grinned at me, his bright blue eyes twinkling as he did so. "Perfect." He stuffed everything back in the drawer, then turned to the other guy. "Ready yet?"

I looked at the other one, noting how he looked similar to this one apart from fully blonde hair and a slightly rounder form. "Yeah."

"Good." The boy in front of me reached behind me and unbuckled the gag, pulling it from between my now black lips. I coughed slightly, closing my mouth and swallowing.

"You little bitch!" He grinned at me despite my words, probably knowing I couldn't do anything to him. My voice sounded unfamiliar to me, not as deep as it normally was.

He giggled, twisting his head back to the other guy. I couldn't see his face when he looked that way, though when he turned back around he was grinning. He leaned down and purred softly in my ear. "You're going to be a star." I looked at him, confusion apparently clear on my face. "You'll see." He smirked cruelly, then looked back over his shoulder as the door opened. Another guy entered and he looked more muscular then the other two. His hair was sandy blonde and shoulder length. He headed to one of the cameras wordlessly, completely ignoring me as he pointed it at me. I flicked my eyes to the other blonde, who was stood behind a different camera at the other side of the room, a smirk clear on his face. His features looked extremely similar to the one that was in front of me, so I guessed they had to be at least related, though they were most likely brothers. "My name is Matthew." His fingers ran over my bare chest, down to my crotch. My cock was hard and aching, despite what he'd done to my face. His fingertips brushed over my slick head. I could see his eyes flicker to the camera, then he moved his hand between my legs. One of his fingers pressed against my opening. I bit my lip. Despite never being fucked that I was aware of, his finger entered me easily.

The digit pushed deep inside me, wiggling in my opening. I groaned softly as another pushed it's way inside me beside the first. Why wasn't it hurting me? It should be fucking hurting me. He scissored them quickly, stretching me open. I tipped my head back against the pillow, letting out soft moans. I shouldn't be enjoying this. Our roles should be reversed. I was sure he could tell what I was thinking, as he leaned down again and whispered in my ear. "You'll never be a top again Padge." He removed his fingers from my opening until just the tips remained, then forced them back inside with a third. "Even if your cock is in someone again, they'll be the ones in control." He twisted his fingers as he spoke, which made my body arch up. When he removed them seconds later I actually whimpered like a little needy whore, just like Jay. I bit my lip to stop making any other such sounds, an action that seemed to amuse him.

He bought his fingers to his lips, sucking my sweat and juices from them. With his other hand he hitched up his skirt, revealing his slender erection. He climbed onto the bed between my legs and aimed it for my arsehole. He used his other hand to grip onto my thick, sweaty thigh as he pushed himself into me. He groaned above me as he rammed his length fully inside me. His head tipped back slightly, exposing his beautiful neck. He pulled out until just the head was within me before slamming back inside. My fingers dug into the sheets beneath me and I was unable to hold back a cry of pleasure as he hit a spot deep inside me. No wonder Jay always groaned and squirmed so much when I hit it. My eyes squeezed tightly shut as the boy kept fucking me at a hard, fast pace. His hands stroked over my chest, his fingers pinching at my nipples. I managed to open my eyes a little to watch him, his body shiny with sweat. His own moans escaped his pretty lips, his slender form arching with every other thrust. I was suddenly well aware of the cameras on me and turned my head to the one that had this boy's brother at it.

The blonde was no longer there, instead on his knees in front of someone else in the shadows. I tried to get a better look but between Matthew's thrusting and the darkness, I couldn't make anything out. I gave up, looking at the other camera, noting how that guy was still there, watching me get fucked on the small screen, a smirk plastered on his face. Matthew slapped my thigh, groaning louder then before. "You like this bitch? Of course you do. You're a filthy whore." He scratched at my belly, which made me moan his name out loud. My hole twitched around him as he slammed into me, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. "Fuck..." I felt his cock pulse as he sprayed his thick semen deep inside me.

"Holy shit..." I panted softly as I felt him pull out, his tongue snaking over my neck.

"Just you wait, I'm not even the main event." His voice was soft as he spoke and he kissed my shoulder blade quickly before straightening up and moving away, his pace unsteady.

I was left alone with my aching erection and cum filled hole for only a few moments. Another guy approached me and I guessed from his shiny dick that he was the one that Matthew's sibling had been sucking. His member was huge, much thicker then Matthew's had been and it held me so enthralled I couldn't look anywhere else. "Did you enjoy him?" I managed to nod and I heard the American chuckle, his cock bobbing slightly as he did. "Of course you did, you whore. I'm guessing you like what you see too?"

He mounted the bed and gripped onto my hair, turning my head up to look at him as his head rubbed against my hole. He was different to Matthew as his body rounder and his arms more muscular then the boy's. His tongue swiped over his thick lips and I closed my eyes again as his large member pushed into me. Matthew's cum and his brother's saliva meant that he slid in easily, though his size bought tears to my eyes in pain. When I opened them again after a few thrusts, all I could make out of his head was his thick, dark curls as he nodded frantically.

I came over my belly before he did, the slamming of his blunt head against my insides proving too much for me. The first shot managed to land on my lips and I flicked my tongue out to taste myself. "Fuck that's hot." He kept ramming insde me, nodding his head frantically and gripping my thighs until the second load of cum tonight filled me.

When he pulled out and took a few steps back. The brothers approached me then, one standing either side of my head, their skirts gone now. Matthew stood on my left side, aiming his now soft cock for my face just as his sibling did. "What... are you doing?" I asked in my soft sounding, panty voice. They didn't answer me, but their dicks sprayed strong smelling piss into my face, some of the fluid landing in my eyes, stinging them. I heard them laugh as I squeezed the shut, feeling the warm liquid cover my face, making my hair stick to my skin. A few drops landed in my mouth, then, as I coughed at the taste, they both aimed for the opening. One of their hands stroked my throat, making me swallow all they had to offer.

Once they were finished I heard and unfamiliar voice call out. "That's a wrap. Great job guys." My eyelids flickered open and I trembled slightly.

"I'm sure you'll make an excellent porn star." Matthew whispered softly, stroking my upper chest with one hand, a grin plastered on his face. I'd hoped that the camera's had been just for personal use, but his words now made me realise it was otherwise. People everywhere would soon be wanking over the footage of my ass being fucked. Shit. "We'll come back tomorrow."

"When will I be let go?"

The boy shrugged as his brother left my eyeline. "I don't know, it depends how well your first porn's sell for. But by being let go I mean only released from your bonds, you'll never be a free man." He ran his thumb over my neck, bending down to kiss my slick forehead. "But you could do worse then this." I didn't want to know what he meant by that. I opened my mouth to speak, but he cut in before I could even get a sound out. "You won't see anyone you knew before again, unless they were taken with you and they're very lucky. I do know one thing though." He looked left to right, quickly, as if to check if anyone was near enough to listen. The muscular guy and one that had fucked me had left the room, along with two of the cameras. Matthew's brother was taking down the last two. After looking around, he spoke in a soft, hushed tone as if he was afraid of being hurt. "Jay's alive. Mr Toro's taking good care of him. You may even see him again." He smiled at me and I wondered if he knew about me and Jay to say that. I didn't get a chance to ask as his brother ccoughed, a sign that they should both leave. Matthew kissed my lips lightly, then headed out the room, leaving me alone once more.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, madina lake, matthew leone/padge, slash
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