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Busy, busy, busy

Still at home, I'm gonna try going back tommorrow. Mum wanted me to go today but it would have meant me staying there. With Gavin. All day. I'm not ready for that, probably never will be. At least tommorrow he's gone most of lunch, the rest of the time I can hide.

Anyway, my dreams are wierder. Birds that were yellow and red on a tree that were flapping their wings to make it look like it was on fire.
Made Akasha icons (thanks anesthezea for the caps, you are a god) and got Karen icons from duncatra
Although valarltd thinks I'm a het cause of my mood theme. Never been called that in a loooong time.

Finished Walking After You part 1. Evil Ant! :D Shall post it after this.

Also Breathe Easy is out today, so I'm gettin my copy :D
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