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Whatever you're doing, stop doing it

Is it friends cutting/unadding season? Everyone seems to be doing one, sometimes with stupid reasonings to (if any at all). I'm not, and probably never will, do a friends cut. I don't care how old you are or anything, I won't remove you unless you do it first or if I have a good reason to.

Last night I was on Rabbids and got a few new costumes. I'm short of 10ish I think. I hate how tiring it is.

Someone's playing I'm Not Okay outside. I thought I was hearing things.

Bullet came today finally. No poster though. I'll watch the dvd tomorrow.

Right now I feel kinda useless. I can't seem to do anything and the things I can do just annoy me. Bah. I tried to right the next part of Plaything last night and only did a few lines. I should be able to finish it if I concentrate on it.

I'm wondering if I fucked up the triops think cause they're still not visible. I guess I have to wait and see a bit longer though.

Lookie at the perdy

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