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Run Away

Run Away
Pairing: Oli Sykes/Cerberus, Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Oli
Warnings: Gore, zombie sex, bestiality
Dedications: For my Mikeysaur, to cheer him up.

I ran through the streets, still hearing the rapid movements of my pursuer. I didn't risk turning my head to see how far behind me it was for fear of crashing into something. Today was most definately the worst fucking day of my life. I'd watched as my little bother got attacked and eaten by fucking people in our own home under an hour ago. I'd tried to hit them with a baseball bat, but that just made them growl and try to attack me instead. As I left our home I could hear him scream as they tore into his flesh. I had been sure they were fucking him too Now I was being chased by what had to be a diseased dog. It had to be.

I ran as fast as I could, sweat covering the skin of my bare chest and tears in my eyes. I wasn't a strong runner and I knew the animal behind me would soon catch up with me if I didn't outwit it somehow. Think Oli, think. As I ran, I darted my head from side to side, trying to get my bearings. Bingo! A sign for the park. I could climb up a tree and then wait until it got bored before making my escape.

I quickly ran around the next turning, heading across the street to the heavily wooded area. Soon I'd be safe, then I could mourn Tom. I headed towards the nearest tree that had strong looking branches along it's trunk.

Before I got there though I screeched to a halt. Four more dogs had stepped out of the bushes, growling at me. Each was a doberman and they all looked fucked up. Their skin looked like it was coming off and I could see some of their organs and ribs. They shouldn't be fucking alive looking like that. One stood slightly ahead of the others and was distinctive as he had torn ears and tail. He came towards me, sniffing the air. I took a shaky breath, taking a step back. No way was I letting those things near me. Torn ears growled at me, then pounced on me, causing me to fall backwards onto the grass. It was on top of me, his sharp teeth biting into the flesh of my left shoulder, easily tearing throgh my skin. I struggled and screamed, lashing out at him. I wished I'd bought that fucking bat. I managed to shake him free, punching it in the solid part of his chest. The dog yelped as he flew from my body.

I barely had time to pull myself to sit up before the other three were on me, sharp teeth tearing into my body. One was one my left hand, yanking it's head back sharply, as if trying to pull it from me. The second was clawing at my trousers, trying to get at my legs. The final one was biting harshly at my belly, ripping off my skin. "Fuck! Please stop!" They all ignored me, as I thought they would. I tried to lash out agin, but didn't have the strength to do so.

Torn ears returned to me, growling at the one clawing my trousers. The clothing that remained on my body was now in shreds, exposing my skin. The one that had been clawing moved away slightly, bending down to chew on my right leg. Pain surged through my body and I kept screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping someone would hear me. But no one did. Torn ears came closer, growling again at the others. The one one on my hand pulled back hard, taking away two of my fingers as he did so making me howl in pain and bring my other hand tocover the wounds. When they all pulled away I saw it as my chance to get away. I rolled onto my stomach and clawed at the grass as best I could, leaving a bloody trail as I moved. Maybe I'd have enough time while they were devouring my flesh to get away.

Alas, that wasn't to be. One of them mounted me, causing me to collapse at the additional weight. I turned around slightly, managing to see a torn ear before feeling an erection press against me. No, I couldn't be fucked by this thing on top of everything else. Just as I was about to struggle I felt it bite harshly on my right shoulder, instantly ripping into me. I cried out in pain, feeling him enter me. He tore my tightness open, easily forcing the thick length inside me. He growled against me, starting to thrust at a rough pace, not caring how much it hurt me. Tears streamed down my cheeks, the others coming in closer again. Teeth clamped onto exposed limbs. Four sets, not three like before. I guessed the one that had chased me had caught up with me while they attacked me. One was mauling my undamaged hand, another at my opposite arm. The other two seemed content chewing on my foot and calf meat. "Please..." Even though I was begging I knew that this was where I was going to die. What a humiliating way to go. Blood pooled around my broken body, the crimson fluid coating the blades of green beneath me.

The dog on my hand growled louder then the rest, it's teeth buried deep in my palm and the back of my hand. My digits involuntarily twitched in his warm mouth and I could feel a hole near his jaw. I tried to move them towards it, though I couldn't seem to do so. The animal pulled back from me harshly, ripping my hand away from my arm at the wrist in the process. I let out a louder scream then any of the previous ones as the tendons ripped apart, more blood squirting out from my body. I managed to bring the stump up in front of my face, trembling as I stared at the torn flesh and the jagged remains of skin.

I closed my eyes, trying to take my mind off the pain by thinking happier thoughts. The first thing that gave to mind was my baby brother, naked and spread out over his bed. I thought of him touching himself, putting on a show for me as he stroked himself. Then my mind drifted to him screaming as he was covered in blood from the guys attacking him. I should have helped him, should have fought harder against his attackers. Instead I'd left him to die like the pussy I was. I deserved this.

I could feel something at my ass, a larger bulge at the base of the dog's cock. More tears trailed down my face as it forced it's way inside me. It felt like it was almost twice the size of it's dick. My eyes snapped open as it pushed through my ring. Torn ears howled against my neck, then bured he face back into my torn flesh. My eyelids fell once more, bringing with them darkness. I could feel my life slipping away from me even more so then before.

The other dogs were away from me now, content to chew on flesh they'd torn from me. Torn ears was the only one still bothering with me, though he wasn't doing much apart from swallowing my flesh. Whatever had entered me had served to keep his cock buried inside me, meaning he couldn't move much. Part of me was thankful for that, another wasn't. I couldn't decide which was worse, the thrusting of his dick or that thing stretching me open. I felt him spurt inside me, the bursts thick yet strangely cold. I guessed that the thing that entered me had meant he was close. His dick stayed within me for a few minutes, even after it stopped shooting and began to soften. Eventually he slid out and I turned my head to watch as torn ears pulled away from me, curling up on the grass. Would the other four do the same as he had done to me?

I watched them all, the vicious animals gazing back at me with their wild, glassy eyes. I knew I couldn't move too far as they'd easily pounce on me, mauling me to death. Perhaps I should do that. Before I could though, one came towards me, growling. I could see two of his ribs. Snarling, he used his snout to nudge my side which I took as a sign to roll over. My torso had gone undamaged and I could still see my tattoos, though they had a few blood splatters. I could see the others had come nearer me now, all of them baring their bloodied teeth. All together, they lunged forward, tearing into my eagle tattoo on my belly. I screamed futily in pain, my body arching up and my eyes lidding even more frequently. Every time they reopened I was confronted wih more blood and more flesh torn from my body.

The last thing I saw was the four of them fighting over my intestines, before darkness blissfully overtaken me.
Tags: bestiality, bring me the horizon, cerberus/oli sykes, fic, oli sykes, oli sykes/tom sykes, slash, tom sykes, zombie series
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