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A rubber cock?

Today's been productive I think.

I had to buy Madina's album cause it was still awol. Bastards. Only one HMV in all of Birmingham had it though. I got both Elliot Minor 7 inches and Alternative magazine cause it had Bullet. Jay looks pretty as always.

Anyway, the signing was good. I touched Dan and Matthew! They're so nice and constantly being thankful. They're so awesome and have odd signatures. I wish I had a pic taken, but they said no cams. Mikey got one with Dan though. I was too shy to ask.

I've worn my Bullet tee which is so perdy.

We had Mcdonalds, Claire got a piercing and I got 30 Seconds 7 inch cause it's kinda cool.

I hate Forbidden Planet, just so you all know. Bastards.

In the line we got stickers (the sticker guy noticed me on the GBC and said I was being old school which was yay!) and inside there were loads of free stuff. They took our glow sticks though, which is crazy. I got a Fightstar tee, though I really wanted the Madina pants too. I'll look online.

Highlights of gig:
*Fightstar being awesome
*Being able to see
*Omar being hot
*Charlie ass
*Charlie talking into a rubber cock. A big one at that
*Madina being all bouncy
*Loving looks
*Being so grateful and saying we were the best city. In your face London!
*Mikey wanting to do twins porn

Claire's train is evil. EVIL!

Top bands:
* Bullet For my Valentine
* Madina Lake/The Blank Theory

Beyond that I dunno right now anymore.

I'm gonna go now. I'll finish the fic I started last night sometime soon hopefully.

Mikey's gonna be on now. I'm not gonna explain why.

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