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U Wanna?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lee/Duncan
Notes/Warnings: Bondage, Sex, Lee's POV, this is all based on the U Make Me Wanna video
Disclaimer: I don't own them :(

Rope. It was everywhere on this bloody boat. I'm sure that all of it was Duncan's idea. Yeah, get a real boat with real rope. I sighed as I felt the boat rock slightly.
"I hope you're not feeling seasick." He smiled at me as he walked towards me.
I gave him a slight glare. "Ha ha, Dunk." I looked around me and realised I was in a dead end. I smiled, "I suppose you were the one that over-ordered the rope."
"Of course babe." He was in front of me now, smirking. "Just for you." He whispered in my ear, making me shudder. I felt his strong hands push me against one of the nearby walls as he began kissing me passionately. I felt one of his hands moved over my body and grabbed my wrist. I moaned as he thrust his hips into mine, his lips never leaving mine. He pulled my arm up and used his free hand to grab some of the rope and tied it round my wrist, using his body to keep me still. As soon as he was done with my right arm he took my left and did the same. When he was done, he stepped back, a grin on his face.
"You look perfect like that," His grin widened. "Although I may have to lower you a bit. And you are wearing far too much."
"And how are you going to get my top off with my hands tied?" I must have sounded like I was whining.
He just smiled and pulled my t-shirt up, and over my head. He slid my t-shirt up the ropes until it was off me. He smiled and kissed my forehead.
"Better." He whispered. I watched him pull me down till I was kneeling on the floor. Clearly the ropes were longer then they seemed. "Much better." He grinned, his hands going down to his fly, before stopping. I watched him bend down and pick up more rope. He quickly tied my ankles together so I couldn't move. Satisfied, he smiled at me and began unzipping his fly.
I pouted, then smiled as he unzipped himself.
He grinned, "I hope you're ready for this."
I just nodded, "I always am."
He finished unzipping and pulled out his 9 inch hard cock. He stepped closer, so it was right in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head, lapping up some of his precum. I heard him groan. "Open up."
I opened my mouth wide. He thrust forward so all his cock filled my throat, gagging me. His hands rested on my head, pulling on it.
I heard him groan my name as Iicked the underside of his hardness. He held my head tighter, pushing me down harder. "Yesss!" He hissed. I could tell he was getting close, so I sucked as hard as I could. He groaned my name even louder. "Lee, I'm gonna.." That was all he could manage as he came in my mouth. I quickly swallowed as his hot, salty spunk flooded my throat. I loved his taste, and he knew it. He stayed in my mouth until his orgasm had subsided.
"That was... amazing." He smiled, "As always." He leaned down and kissed my forehead.
I sighed happily. He kissed down my head, licking some of his cum that escaped my lips. He kissed me again, his tongue slid into my mouth and swirled with mine.
He lowered himself so he was down on his knees, so his face was level with mine. He broke off the kiss and licked a path to my ear. "Wanna fuck?" He whispered into my ear.
I nodded. "Yesss." I replied, breathlessly. I realised he was hard again as he thrust into my knee. He lowered his hands to my jeans and started to undo them.
He pulled them down my legs and left them bunched up at my ankles. His hands ran up my legs, until they reached my bulging black boxers. His fingers reached the waistband and tugged them down, revealing my hard 8 inch dick. He smiled as he took it in his hand and started rubbing it. I groaned as he leaned down and kissed the head, lapping up the drops of precum.
He stood up and took his shirt and vest off. Smiling, he removed his own jeans and boxers before leaning forward and kissing me on the nose. He bought one of his fingers to my lips and I began sucking on it, covering it in my saliva. Reluctantly I let him remove it so he could move it between my legs and along my crack until he found my hole. Slowly he pushed it in inside of me, and when I gasped he kissed me. His finger slid in as far as it could go. I bucked my hips as he his fingernail grazed my prostate. He leaned back and watched as he twisted his finger inside me. He slid it out and licked it, before untying my ankles and throwing my jeans and boxers aside. He kissed me on the cheek, before whispering, "I'm gonna fuck you now."
I whimpered, as he spread my legs apart and lifted them up. He kissed me one last time before his hard cock entered my tight hole. He rammed his entire length into me in one thrust, before pumping in and out. His lips left mine so I could groan and mumble his name. His hands held onto my hips as he continued to fuck me. Sweat covered our heaving chests as he slowly began to wank me.
He sped up his hand as he gotten closer to cumming again. I moaned his name. It was all becoming to much for me. I closed my eyes and screamed his name as I came over my chest. He moaned too, as the clenching of my ass had bought him over the edge. I felt his cum flood me.
He smiled down at me. "You've made quite a mess." He leaned down and began licking my spunk off my chest, his hands worked to untie mine. As soon as he was done with my chest, he began lapping up his cum leaking from my hole. My hands, now free, stroked his hair.
He soon stood up and began putting his clothes back on. He kissed my forehead and finished dressing. "I'll see you later babe." He turned and left me amongst the rope. Yes, I'm sure the rope was his idea.
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