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We can see through you

I've finished Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles now. I've unlocked the few bonus levels. All I'm missing is files and objects. Yay me. I spent about 6 hours on Rabbids 2 last night unlocking outfits. Still no Vader rabbid. It annoys me cause even faq sites don't have a full list. I have a skeleton rabbid outfit which is so adorable. My arm ached like hell though, that's the disadvantage of it.

Job center was today, which was eh. Mostly cause it was outside. It was alright though. There was a power cut in Cannock so half the main shops were shut. Bah. Also Bullet's album is cheaper in Asda then I paid online. Bastards. I want it now! It sucks I don't have it in my hands yet. Note to self: strangle Play.com.

Kerrang, how can you spell Fightstar wrong? Especially since the person misspelling it is on tour with them! Idiot! Anyway, good things in it is The Blackout and Simple Plan posters (half of the Paranmore one cause the one guy's so fucking perdy). Nothing else terribly interesting. Next week has Bullet and Madina doing something. Plus Madina and Fightstar are on kerrang radio Friday so I'll try and listen. Cue frustration at radio.

Tomorrow is Madina signing and Kerrang. Woohoo! I'm gonna wear my Madina hoodie and new Bullet tee. I still have no idea where the album is, so I'll just be taking the biggest poster I have.

Tonight I'm gonna keep archiving fic at the new journal, then update the archive here with all the new links. There's also Torchwood and writing, cause I started the next part of Plaything last night.

Currently open are 7 fics.
End Of Days
Scream, Aim, Fire
Kidnapped By the Hill Folk
Kerrang Tour 08
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