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The end for you and me

Outside has been like Kamino. Bloody rain.

I didn't go to the course yesterday and they've already sent a letter about it. That's insane. Meh, woulda been a waste of time anyway. A totally useless waste of time.

Still no movement from the triops, though I assume it's only due to their tinyness. I'll put food in today, since it says in the book to.

I finished Paper Mario last night. Huzzah! The penguins and ickle Yoshi's and Shy Guys are so cute.

We're going to post the wrong album Play.com sent instead of Bullet's soon.

People should do something at write_the_songs cause I think it's a cool idea. I have my first entry started, second planned. Maybe more soon. The first two aren't smut at all. in fact it's probably the first one won't have sex at all.

My immediate fic to do list is the same as before, with a possible second part to Hill Folk. Possible, not fully decided yet. I'm gonna see if anything comes to mind.

Why is it that people seem to do Princess Peach as a guy in the Mii contest?

We watched Hostel Part 2 last night. I still think the one guy's hot even though he shouldn't be.

Mikey seems to think moose is on viagra, that's why he jacks off so much. He's funny.

A post of many pretty boys showing skin. As I said in a comment there, I demand that Bob and Patrick show skin damnit.

So, I'm off now to read fic, feed triops and sort post. Then I'll write some point tonight. I got an idea for the next part of Plaything (I've been trying to think of a Jay/Ray idea but nothing's come to mind so it'll be the Padge part instead) as well as the Kerrang Tour. I'll try and do the Bob/Ray/Mikey fic tomorrow. Then a Sean one based on the vomit thing.
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