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Sweat Drenched Inked Skin

Sweat Drenched Inked Skin
Pairing: Oli Sykes/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas
Rating: NC-17
POV: Oli
Notes: This started out as having Frankie instead of Oli, though I changed it after a long period of block.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

It's amazing what you find when you're bored, especially in a place like this. I always wondered around places like this anyway, never staying in one place. This time though, I'd found something that made my pants feel tight.

From where I'd found myself I watched as two guys fucked. One was considerably larger then the other, his belly pressing against the other guy's back as he thrust inside him. The bottom, who was much slimmer then the top, had tattoos covering the arm I could see, something which I admired and well as turned me on. He groaned in pleasure every time the larger guy thrust inside him. From where I was standing though, I couldn't see much else, though my eyes were entranced by their sweaty bodies and the fucker's ass.

Certain they were lost in their own little world, I edged closer to them, hoping to get a better view.

"Mmmmm, so fucking good Billy. As always." So now I knew the tattooed guy's name.

Billy's black hair was sticking out at various angles, most likely from the other's fingers tangling in the strands and tugging on them. As I edged closer I could see his beautiful, sweat-covered face contort as he cried out in pleasure. I glanced up to the larger male to study his body. He had a nice body, although most would probably say otherwise due to the size of his belly, however it turned me on. A round belly always turned me on, on any guy. As I trailed my eyes up his torso, I noted how both his nipples were fully erect, the left one pierced with a silver hoop. His arms weren't as tattooed as Billy's, but that didn't matter, he was still hot. I gazed at his face and his hair was slightly lighter then Billy's. After a few seconds though I realised something.

He was looking right at me.

"Well, well, what have we here?" He smirked and then his wet, pink tongue swiped over his lower lip. "Strip little one." As he said that he thrust again into Billy.

For a moment I was frozen in place, unable to do anything apart from staring with my mouth agape. "Now don't make me stop fucking pretty Billy here," he thrust his hips then. "just to make sure you do as I ask."

Slowly I grabbed at the base of my t-shirt, slowly pulling it up and over my head before casting it aside. He purred very softly at the sight, running one hand along Billy's spine. "Another sexy little tattooed boy." His tongue fluttered over his lips as he thrust into Billy again. "And you have far more then little Billy here." I blushed slightly, merely nodding slightly as I unzipped my fly, pushing my jeans down my legs to the floor. My boxers followed soon after, falling down to my feet, where I stepped out of them. He licked his lips again as he looked over my now naked body, his hips still thrusting deep inside Billy's ass as he spoke. "Got a name?"


"Well, Oli, would you like to make use of pretty Billy's mouth?" He buried himself deep into Billy, making the boy moan out loud again. "Then I'll plough you." I bit my lower lip, moving to Billy's head and aiming my erect shaft for his lips. My dick was one of the few places that wasn't tattooed. He parted his lips as I approached, my dick head entering his mouth. His tongue trailed over the soft skin, flicking over my leaking slit. "I am Paul, but you will call me sir."

"Why?" I asked before groaning, as Billy's lips engulfed my entire shaft.

"Because, if you don't then you can take your dick out my Billy's mouth right now." He growled and I could tell he was serious. His hands seemed to grip tighter onto Billy's sides as he spoke, his nails digging into the boy's pale skin.

I whimpered softly, feeling Billy press his tongue against my aching arousal. "Yes sir." He squeezed his pretty lips around me, the ring in the middle of his lower lip rubbed against me.

"Good boy." One of Paul's left Billy and ran over the inked skin of my chest, his fingers brushing over each of my nipples in turn. He gripped onto the left one with his thumb and forefinger, twisting it and making me groan at the feeling. He did the same to the other, then his hand dropped back to Billy so he could focus on his thrusts again. Through half-lidded eyes I watched as Paul slammed harder into the small boy. Billy was doing wonders with his lips and tongue. I already felt like I could explode any second. I let out a low groan of pleasure, tipping my head back as I bucked my hips forward. I gripped onto his dark hair, shooting my load down his throat. I felt him swallow everything I had to give him. His lips left my dick as soon as I sprayed the last of my seed.

"So fucking good." I whispered softly between pants. He smiled up at me, saliva coating his lips. I panted softly, gazing over Billy's sweat-drenched back to Paul's thick, thrusting dick. I watched as it slammed in and out of Billy's ass, watching the length throb with each movement.

"On your hands and knees boy." He growled softly and I did as he asked, still in a post-orgasmic daze. I got in position next to Billy, though I was the other way around. I heard a groan from above and turned to Billy's ass, watching as Paul pumped into him. He pulled out his dick, which was covered in a thick layer of Billy's ass juices and semen. He released Billy's body, gripping onto my hair and pushing my face between the boy's cheeks. "Lick him clean." I nodded as best I could, cleansing his crack with my tongue.

While I did that I could just about see Billy clean Paul's dick with his talented tongue. I inhaled his scent as I pressed my tongue into his spread hole, concentrating my attention on doing exactly what Paul told me to do. I wiggled my soft muscle, tasting the mixture of Billy's ass, sweat and Paul's sticky cum. My hands were on Billy's soft cheeks, holding him open so I could get as deep as I possibly could. Every so often I'd pull back slightly, licking along his cleft.

After a few minutes I felt something at my own entrance. I felt a nail against my insides and realised it had to be one of Paul's fingers. My eyes squeezed shut tightly as the intruding digit forced it's way inside me. It rammed inside me until it was past the second knuckle before pulling out. When it returned inside me, it was joined by a second, the pair of fingers curling inide me. "Oh you're going to be so good pretty boy." He spread them within me, causing tears to form in the corners of my eyes. He pulled them out of my sweaty opening, then slid back into me with a third. I groaned as they wiggled inside me, this time the tips pressing against a spot causing me to howl in pleasure. When they retreated from me, I actually let out a soft whimper at the loss. "Don't worry pretty. Soon, you'll be full again." I felt his hands grip my cheeks, just like my own had done with Billy's. "Suck him." My eyes flickered open and Billy rolled onto his back, his slim hardness aimed for my lips. I opened them slightly, taking his silken head between my lips. His fingers tangled into my hair, pushing me down his entire shaft, almost making me gag.

As soon as Billy did that, Paul's renewed erection rammed into my hole. I resisted the urge to bite on the dick between my lips at the intrusion, trying to wiggle my tongue against him as he'd done to me. I gave up as Paul started to thrust into me, letting Billy work my head up and down his shaft. "Just as I expected, a nice tight ass, even more so then yours." I heard Billy moan, his hand working my head along him slightly faster.

"He might be a virgin sir."

Paul's nails dug into my sides, his thick dick slamming against my spot, making my cock twitch to hardness. "A pretty boy like this?" He seemed to think for a moment, ramming deep into me. "Are you a virgin?" I shook my head slightly, squeezing my lips slightly. It had been awhile since I'd been fucked though. Billy's dick twitch against my tongue and I wondered if he'd cum soon. "Play with his balls." I reached up, rubbing his soft sac, my fingers rolling his balls between my fingers.

"Ugh...." His fingers tightened in my locks, his sharp hips pressing up against my face. I could feel his cum blast against the back of my throat and swallowed him before I could gag. He moved my head back up, until just the shooting head was in my mouth. He was shooting more then I was, each of his jets thicker then my own. I gulped down as much as he could, though the last of him ended up dribbling down my chin and staining his pubic hair.

"Good boy." Paul leaned down, running his tongue over the back of my neck. His softnesss was thick, just like his dick. "Soon, I will fill you. Would you like that pretty?" I let out a soft whimper as Billy pulled from my fully, his dick slapping against my cheek, leaving a smear of my own saliva.


"Yes what?" I felt his hot breath against the back of my neck, trembling slightly as his thrusts stopped.

"Yes sir." I pushed my soft ass against him as I spoke, desperate for him to restart.

"Good boy." He chuckled, resuming his movements at the same pace. His nails dug into my skin, marking me as he'd done Billy earlier. Seconds after he did so, he came within me, spilling over my walls. I closed my eyes at the feeling. He slapped my ass, pulling his dripping memeber from me. He around my frame, then wiped his shaft in my dark hair. "You're coming home with me." Billy tossed me my boxers and I shakily stood, pulling them up my sweaty legs. Paul dressed fully, though Billy only pulled up a pair of tight boxers. I looked at Paul questioningly and he smirked to me. "My boys don't need to wear anymore clothes. You will leave them here."

I nodded reluctantly, watching as he paulled my cell phone and wallet from my jeans, stuffing them inside his own. "Time to go." He led us out, both of us following behind him with our heads bowed low. Billy did it as he knew it was what Paul had taught him to do, but I did it so I didn't have to look anyone in the eye.
Tags: billy martin, billy martin/oli sykes/paul thomas, bring me the horizon, fic, good charlotte, oli sykes, paul thomas, slash
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