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Nothing's going to harm you, not while I'm around

The triops is now all set up, but they've yet to hatch, that I can see anyway. I have it set up on the dvd player, which isn't safe, but when the player's on it helps keep the water warm. The eggs are so tiny. I check every so often to see if there's movement.

Birmingham yesterday was alright. Not as productive as Wolverhampton, but I had no money anyway. Mikeysaur got me Revolver, which has a poster of Bullet I need to put up. Although the shoot's not as good as Big Cheese's, Jay is on the floor with his legs spread which is guh. Also got Black Velvet which has Madina Lake on the cover.

According to the album chart thing Bullet's at 5 not 2, but that's still so fucking awesome. When has a metal album ever been in the top 10? (Or even 20) It's so unheard of and that's what makes it awesome.

I love Ashes Of The Innocent.

Anyway, we saw Sweeny Todd yesterday too. It had an ad for Doctor Who which was awesome, though it confirmed Rose in it. bah. I still hope she's not the real one, cause the Doctor was absolutely sure he'd never see her again. that's what I hate most bout her coming back. The film was cool though, I want the dvd. It was funny and they have such great singing voices. Oh and Antony was hot.

While standing outside there were fucking stupid girls in front of us. Annoying cunts.

I couldn't see much at the gig. I thought Lostalone were awesome though. Who knew they were so pretty too? Mikeysaur got the album, so yay! As for 30 Seconds I couldn't see much. Standing up on the floor I couldn't see anything, standing on a table thing I got in someone's way. So, I pretty much saw nothing. Cept Jared sometimes. At the end Shannon pounce on Tomo. He's strange. We saw him outside when he came out, but he didn't stay out to sign anything.

On the way back some cunts called Mikey fat. If I'd been near I would've punched them. One, Mikey is by no means fat. Two, he was sitting down and it was hoodie. Anyone with half a brain could tell it was the hoodie not fat, especially how a hoodie goes out. Arses.

When we got home mum was up, being a bitch as always. She has been today too. I hate her. Once nan's back I know her attitude will change entirely, then we'll be on goodish terms.

The new Star Wars Lego is fucking cool. Magnaguards, V-19 starfighter's, Ventress and... a strange green thing.

I'll read Darla's fic soonish.

Anyway, I'm off now. I have reference books to go through for fic. I'm gonna try and write later.

One's I have open:
*Oli Sykes/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas (formally known as Frankie/Billy/Paul)
*Kerrang Tour 2008 (which is either Dan/Twins, Omar/Twins or Matthew, I haven't decided yet)
*Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro (Sequel to Love The Pain)
*Scream Aim Fire (Jay James/Matt Tuck, which is the reason for reference books)
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