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On the inside

Me, Claire and Mikey are freezing. I hate the cold. Meaning this post'll be short, despite squeeing.

Today was amazing. Pre-gig I got Millennium series 1 and the Triops tank. From Forbidden Planet I got a beeping R2 and Umbrella Academy. Also got Big Cheese, which has the hottest Bullet pics ever. Handcuffed! With gags/blindfolds! Holy fuck it's hot. And inspiring.

Also got to meet Kathi, yay!

Got a perdy Bullet tee, it's white with black roses. Though all my buying's chewed into next week's money. Eeep.

The gig was super awesome, I'm surprised my voice isn't gone from singing.

Jay stole the show, so I missed the others (although Moose kept looking off and Padge was too close to our side so I couldn't see him. Matt was also talking wayyyy too fast so we couldn't understand him). Jay kept showing off his sexy armpits, getting the crowd going and generally being adorable, pusshing hair from his face and pulling his pants up. He loved standing on a lightbox thing too. So awesome. Plus he sang! YAY! Guh he's super sexy.

Also we were filmed for the new vid! How cool is that? It's Hearts Burst Into Fire.

Even more awesome, the album's at 2 in the charts! I'm so fucking proud of my boys. I never expected even top 20, let alone this.

I'm gonna go squee, eat and warm up.

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