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Nocturne Of Shadow

So, yeah, late Torchwood thing now cause... well, just cause.

*Tosh was so adorable, we just wanted to give her a hug, poor thing.
*Jack/Ianto kiss! And their talk was so cute.
*Couldn't Harriet and Gerald have gotten Tommy back out the hospital to save him? And when Ianto shows a pic of them, he holds it up and I could swear I saw a third person
*It was btter then I thought it would be
*Next week's Rhys and a a giant alien.

We didn't do too much else last night. We watched Buffy and Family Guy.

I wish my Bullet album was here, damnit. I wanna see Jay being all adorable.

I posted fic last night and I did some to the old Frankie/Billy/Paul one. It's now Oli intead. It's causa my ehness to Frankie that I got block methinks. I might have that done soonish.

After gigs, I'll do the rest of Kerrang 08, some of Plaything and Mikey/Ray/Bob.

Mum's so pointless.

Some of what was gonna happen today... ok, pretty much all, happened yesterday instead. Like I said, impatient.

Claire, will yous be on later? I need to know when to meet you and stuff. Oh and your mobile number so we can call you, I'm thick.

Bullet's tomorrow! Hooray! We'll have to find Jay. Then it's 30 Seconds, which is less horay cause tehre'll be those Echelon/ghosts everywhere.
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