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Pairing: Jade Puget/Bert Mccracken
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bert
Warnings: Scat
Notes: This was started when I had block and Mikey gave me the pairing and prompt: fingerpainting.

We lay beside each other, panting softly, our body's covered in sweat. "You were amazing Bert, I didn't think you would be." I grinned at him, his chest rising and falling as he panted heavily. I could feel his cum seep out of my twitching asshole. I brushed a few strands of my long hair from my face, keeping my eyes on him. "Is there anything I could do for you?"

I smirked at his words, licking my lips. I was hoping he'd ask something like that. I reached up and stroked his chest lightly, nodding slightly. "Yeah, fingerpainting."

He blinked at me from behind his blonde fringe. "Fingerpainting? The stuff kids do?" I nodded as I looked him in the eyes. A lot of people thought it was a childish thing to do, but I liked it. Especially doing it my way. "Alright, I guess. Where's the paint?"

"There isn't any."

He looked at me, confusion clear in his eyes. "So how will we do this then?"

"We make our own materials." He looked even more confused by my words. "And I'm the canvas." I leaned in close to him and whispered softly in his ear. "You'll use shit."

He blinked a few times before responding, clearly taking in my words. Once he did he flashed me a grin. "I should've known that you'd be into something like this." His fingers circled my nipples as he spoke. "Yeah, sure." I grinned at him, squirming slightly at his touch. My soft dick twiched slightly, glad that he wanted to. Few guys indulged in my desires, but the ones that did I always went back to. Whenever possible. "Where should I shit?"

I thought for a moment, then stroked my belly. "Right here." Sometimes I asked them to do it on the bed, other times I'd do it on them. "Back facing me."

He nodded, shifting on top of me, squatting over my stomach. I watched intently, licking my lips as I watched him. I reached up with both hands, spreading his ass cheeks to reveal his twitching pucker. I purred softly as it opened up, remembering how he'd tasted earlier. He let out a soft groan as he pushed, his hole expanding as his shit slid out from him. The thick length fell from his entrance landing on my chest below. I kept my eyes on his hole, another one following it. This one was much smaller and it landed beside the first one. I gazed at him, releasing his cheeks and letting him fall beside me like he was earlier. He scooted down my body slightly, gazing at his waste. I knew what he was thinking. "Anywhere over my body." I licked my lips as I inhaled his scent, my hips moving up slightly. "Like I said, I'm the canvas."

He nodded, reaching down and pressing his fingertips into the first one. I purred as it spread slighly over my skin. "It's so warm, so soft..." I smiled at the surprise in his words. He moved the dirty tips up, pressing them against my skin. I watched as he used the two fingers to do a pattern around my left nipple, making it look like a flower. I purred at his touch, watching as he did pushed his fingers back into it, before doing the same to my navel. He seemed to enjoy doing it from the look on his face. Once he'd made both of the flowers he dipped his fingers back into the shit and raised them to my face. He pressed them against my cheek, smearing some sort of pattern on my skin. I grinned at him, the scent of his shit even stronger now. He smeared what was left on his fingers over my chin, then buried his tips back into the warm pile. He flashed me a grin, pressing the them against my left arm, leaving a spiral trail over my skin.

I looked down at the remaining shit, his gaze following my own. He smiled, scooping up most of what was left. He grabbed my erect cock, pumping it with his shitty hand. I let out a low groan of pleasure, his free hand collecting as much of the remainder as he could and bringing up it up to my hair, rubbing it into the long, greasy strands. I bucked up into his hand as it made my hair stick together. Maybe he knew I liked having that done to me. He jacked me faster, bending down and whispering softly in my ear. "You like that Bert? You like being a filthy whore."

"Mmmm yeah Jade, course I do." I thrust my hips up again, my dick dripping in his warm grip. He smirked, increasing his speed and licking a trail from my ear, along my neck to my armpit. I moved my arms above my head, so he could lap hungrily at the sweat-soaked area. I groaned his name, his tongue moving over my collarbone to the other pit, lapping at that one just as eagerly. I gripped his hair with my right hand, pressing him close to me. I felt him smile against me, his head moving down my side, leaving light kisses on my heated skin as he did so. Once his face was above my stomach, he extended his wet, soft tongue and swiped it over his shit. I kept my eyes on him as he licked up the remaining smear of the waste from my skin

It made my dick harde to see him do that. He flashed me a grin, then moved down to my dick. He took my slick head between his lips and twirled his tongue over the soft skin, cleansing it of the shit and my precum. My eyes fluttered closed.I gripped onto the hand that had covered my hair and took two of his digits between my lips. I ran my tongue over him, swallowing the last of the shit on his fingers. I pulled them away from my lips, moaning out as he squeezed his soft lips. "I'm close..." I saw him nod and take the first inch of my dick into his mouth. I let out a howl of pleasure, arching up and cumming over his tongue. "Fuck!"

He swallowed everything I had to give him, then pulled back from me. "You taste fucking good Bert." He licked his lips and released my dick, rubbing the rest of his shit over my hips. He moved up beside me, whispering softly in my ear. "I wasn't gonna, but I'll stay the night."

I smiled at him, feeling his dick twitch against me. I was sure if I hadn't sucked him off before he screwed me he'd be rock hard now. I turned to face him, then kissed him hungrily, pushing my tongue into his mouth and exploring his mouth with it. I could taste his shit and my seed on him tongue, running my hands over his body. He wasn't going to sleep tonight.
Tags: afi, bert mccracken, bert mccracken/jade puget, fic, jade puget, slash, the used
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