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He's wearing a wire!

So, yeah, Mikey's here which is good. We've not been doing too much. We were up till 4 last night, talking bout nothing really. That and watching Family Guy.

Happy birthday ___neg3mph, I'll do that fic soon. I hate block's been eh. Shall be done soon though. Also, happy birthday the_glory_days! Want me to do you a fic too? *loves*

I started a Bert fic the night before Mikey came, but I didn't get far. I'm gonna have a go doing it today.

So yeah, fun's had by all. I got Metal Hammer last night and just stared at the pretty pictures of Bullet. Read that as Jay. The Gerard poster in last weeks NME's hot.

We also saw the cutest ickle kitty last night. It was so friendly.

I'm back on Pokemon again, I need to get past the Elite Four.

Mikey got crap sleep. That makes me sad.

I'm impatient.

Got Kerrang today. We're going to Give It A Name cause of the line-up. Cobra Starship and The Blackout < 3 Woo!

Other things in Kerrang:
*The Madina and The Used posters are back to back (annoying but the Madina's hotter and Mikey's giving me his)
*Next week finally has another The Blackout one, yay!
*Both of this weeks gigs are mentioned with pictures in the gig listing
*Sean's favourite cartoon character is Brain from Pinky And The Brain. YAY!

And finally, something from Sean's mini-interview. Now, I first read this in line in the Co-Op and almost burst out in a fit.

My favourite sex act
Anything involving lube, bums and inanimate objects. And vomit.

By the gods is he trying to give us images? He has

Edit: I have four fics open now:
*Kerrang Tour 2008
*Bert fic
*Frankie/Billy/Paul (which may become Oli/Billy/Paul instead)

Later I'll start the Bob/Ray/Mikey fic for ___neg3mph and maybe another The Blackout one.
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