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My mad thoughts

On some things I've watched within the past 24 hours.

Kinda hookey, I dunno if I liked it or not. Colin Farrell was easily the best thing in this! Especially when he threw those needles at the guy that insulted him. he he
Jennifer Garner was good too. Although I doubt someone would hold a weapon when their hand had been pierced. And it was unclear if she died or not. hmmm.

Now to Enterprise.

The Bounty
Strange ep, the bounty hunter part seemed a Star Wars rip off. (I remember when I played Shadows Of The Empire that IG-88 threatened Boba Fett in an attempt to get Han Solo) However the T'Pol part was equally strange. She seemed insane! Topless Phlox=ewwww! Archer should stop reasoning with everyone!

The Expanse
Another Star Wars rip off, this time the Death Star-like Xindi weapon. It seemed unrealistic that the Suliban would help Archer, but at least they seemed to have legit reasons. hmmm
Trip/Reed was present, even though Trip seemed understandably pissed at him for asking all the questions. Poor Trip :(
Soval is evil! At least Phlox choose to stay without hesitation.
For T'Pol it seemed more like she had to choose between her love of Archer and her position with the Vulcans. Although her reasons were true, (her experience would be needed) it was clear that she did have feelings for him.
This ep was basically a set-up for season 3.

I always missed the other two and their repeats. So the third was where I dropped in.
I liked it, the group of women seemed insane, but in a great way :D
The best bit was the girl that couldn't get Seth's name right :D he he
His mom made the right choice to leave him. Although the lawyer's wife didn't like him I think she'll warm to him

Busily finishing a Blue fic so it'll be up later :)
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