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Pairing: Jay James/Gerard Way
Rating: PG-13
POV: Jay
Challenge: 1: Double Standards
For bfmv100

"I don't like your hair like that." I blinked at Gerard's words, disbelieving. "It makes you look like a pansy."

"Oh, so I'm supposed to consult you when I stop spiking my hair up and start growing it? I had to find out you'd dyed your hair fucking white from a magazine!" I growled at him, feeling my fingers balls into fists. I hate to fight the urge to punch him in the face.

He merely shrugged at me. "I preferred you when you looked like a real man."

I hissed at him, deciding to respond not by spitting in his face and leaving him.
Tags: bfmv100, bullet for my valentine, fic, gerard way, gerard way/jay james, jay james, my chemical romance, slash
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