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Kerrang Tour 2008: No Kissing

Kerrang Tour 2008: No Kissing
Pairing: Charlie Simpson/Mateo Camargo
Rating: NC-17
POV: Charlie
Notes: This is inspired by this video. This is the first of a short series of Fightstar/Madina Lake crossovers.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I watched as the interviewer left the room, leaving me with just Mateo, Matthew and the rest of my band. "You're children." I shook my head at Dan, who just grinned at me. They'd been idiots the whole time the interviewer had been in here.

"Let's go fuck up her shots some more, that was fun!" Dan bounced to the doorway, Alex and Omar following him. Omar stood in the doorway for a few moments looking at me with eyesthat begged me to go with him. I shook my head and waved him off. With a sigh he left. I guess he hated being the responsible one. That just left me, matthew and Mateo.

Matthew hopped to the floor, flicking his blue eyes over us as he smiled. "I'm gonna go and get something off the bus." I had a feeling that the lame excuse was just code for: 'I'm off to wank.' I watched as the pretty boy left, thinking about following. Although seeing him all sweaty and orgasmic would be so fucking hot, part of me wanted to stay here.

I glanced at Mateo, deciding to stay. I climbed onto his lap, wiggling my ass against his crotch. His cock twitched beneath me. I looked him in the eyes, licking my lips slightly. "So, i'm a bad kisser am I?" We'd kissed last night while he was drunk. It had been Dan's idea. His logic was that the only difference between a straight guy and a gay one was how pissed they were. He figured that every guy had a threshold and, once he'd had enough booze to pass it, they'd willingly offer up their lips or ass. It made me wanna slap him, but he'd proven it right before. Bastard.

"Yeahm, you were sloppy. Like, your tongue was everywhere. It even felt like it was trying to choke me." He looked me right in the eyes, smiling slightly as he spoke. "You have kissed another person before right?" I glared at him, but he just grinned, his cock hard against me. "So, no kissing right?" I nodded with a sigh, almost climbing off him until he placed a hand on my hood, pushing it down. He leaned in close, whispering softly. "But that doesn't mean no to anything else." I raised an eyebrow as he pulled back, watching as he pulled the zipper of my hoodie down with his fingers. I finally understood what he meant, my eyes widening. He smirked at me as I did so. "Now you're getting it. Lock the door."

I climbed off his chest, heading to the door, my own bulge prominant. I turned the lock, hearing to it click into place then made my way back to him. When I was half-way between him and the door he held up his hand, indicating for me to stop. I stilled, looking at him intently for a few moments until he spoke again. "Get naked." I nodded, shrugging off my hoodie and tossing it to the coach beside him. When I started pulling up my t-shirt I saw him undo his fly and by the time it was over my head he had his cock out. I threw my t-shirt onto the hoodie, exposing my chest for him. He looked me over my body, my erect nipples and trail keeping his attention the longest. I smiled at him, popping open the top button of my jeans then pulling down my fly. He now had my t-shirt in hand at his face, inhaling my scent. I'd seen stranger things. I'd seen guys that shit in bags, stuffed bottle inside themselves or even boxers. I shook such thoughts away, letting my jeans fall to reveal my hairy legs. His eyes were on me, peering from behind my clothing as I pushed my boxers down to join my jeans. His free hand was pushing his jeans down passed his knees, revealing the rest of his crotch. He was hairy, though I assumed as much and his full balls hung bettween his spread legs. His cock was about equal length to mine, though it was slightly thicker.

He looked my naked body over, setting my t-shirt back down. Clearly he was thinking something as he studied me. I stepped out of my jeans and boxers, pushing them aside as I waited for him to say or do something. His silence made me nervous, even to the point that I thought this could be some sort of trick. After a few minutes he spoke in a soft voice. "You are hot." He smiled and licked his lips, spreading his legs a little more. "You know, there's places where your kissing technique would be better suited."

It took me a few seconds to get his meaning, but once I did I was on my knees in front of him, my tongue lapping at his heavy sac and the base of his cock. I groaned softly above me, running his fingers through my hair. "That's it..." He shifted down in the couch and I could smell his ass. I kept working on his cock, tonguing the shaft and sucking the tip, before tracing my tongue along his veins. I was a shit cocksucker, I had a strong gag reflex. At school I'd tried to give guys head, guys like Harry, but I just couldn't do it. One time I even threw up because of it. However, I was good at other things. He pushed my head back and rolled onto his stomach, pushing my head between his cheeks. I was far better at eating out ass. I extended my tongue, pushing it deep inside him, wiggling it around. He moaned louder above me and I moved my tongue faster, sealing my lips around his ring. He tasted so good, the feeling of him twitching around my tongue making my cock harder. I loved the taste of ass. I closed my eyes, stroking his cheeks with both hands as I buried my tongue as deep as I could within him, circling it around his insides. He let out a louder groan, pushing back against me. I moved back slightly, taking in a deep breath. That was the only trouble about ass licking, the scent of sweat and ass juices could get overpowering since my nose was trapped between the cheeks. I bought two fingers to my lips, licking at them to coat them both with my saliva. Satisfied, I moved them down to my ass, diving back between Mateo's cheeks.

I worked a finger inside myself, moaning softly against him as I did so. I could see his head turn to watch was I was doing, noting that he was sniffing at my t-shirt again. He smirked down at me as my tongue darted within him, my fignger thrusting into me hard. "Yeah, open up that ass for me." I purred at his words, pushing in my second digit, wiggling them and spreading my asshole open. I scissored them gently, still working my soft muscle inside him. "Are you ready for me yet?"

I pulled back from him again, taking in another lungful of air before replying. "I think so."

He nodded and I moved back slightly as he rolled back over. He patted his sweaty thighs, his cock hard and dripping. "Get on." I nodded, removing my fingers quickly, suckling the digits clean as I stood up. I took up my position above his lap, then sat down on his shaft slowly. We both let out groans of pleasure as he filled me, his member spreading me even wider then my fingers had. I let my eyes lid, gripping onto his clothed shoulders as I inched down him fullly. His hands stroked my thighs and chest, the tips of which brushed against my cock and nipples respectively. When I felt his pubic hair against my ass, I started moving up and down him slowly. His fingers wrapped around my dick, tugging on it steadily. I increased my speed, rocking between his fist and erection. I let my eyes flicker open, looking into his. His eyes were clouded with lust, my ass squeezing around him. "That's it..."

I did it again when I moved back down, squeezing tighter around him. He moaned louder, thrusting up inside me. I held tightly onto his clothed shoulders, rocking up and down faster. My dick ached in his hand and I felt his thumb rub over my head. The fingers of his other hand pinched my erect nipples one at a time, causing me to groan and push my chest into his touch. "How close are you?" He whispered, his breath hot against my face.

"Ugh..." I grunted as I slammed down and his head hit my spot. I saw him smirk and made sure that he kept hitting it. "Close... I think..." I moved my hands down his clothed chest, holding onto him, tipping my head back. His hand left my chest, reaching for the bandana around his neck and undoing it. I watched him curiously, though I knew I was close. I felt the fabric brush against the head of my cock, gasping out his name in pleasure. "Mateo... fuck!" I bucked up, tightening even harder around him as I climaxed, spilling over the bandana. I felt him wipe it over my head, then watched through half lidded eyes as he wrapped it back around his neck, this time tying it higher so it covered the lower half of his face. I heard him inhale the scent of my seed, then felt him buck upward.

"Oh shit Charlie..." He growled, shooting his load deep into my hole. I fell against him, my sweaty chest sticking to his t-shirt. He panted softly and I heard him whisper breathlessly. "See, you are better at things that aren't kissing." I smiled at his words, feeling his dick soften and slip from my entrance. "Next time you want to be with a guy open with the ass licking, not the kissing." I looked up at him, shaking my head slightly. When exactly would I be able to do that? He pulled the bandana down slightly, licking his sticky lips. I wanted to lean forward and kiss them, but knew that he wouldn't let me. I moved to sit beside him, laying back against the sofa, panting softly. He leaned in close, whispering softly in my ear. "You were great."

He stood up, pulling up his jeans and doing them back up. He bent down, picking up my boxers and stuffing them his pocket. He turned to me, grinning at me and unlocking the door. "Maybe we should do this again sometime." He winked at me and slipped out the room, leaving me naked. I smiled to myself, hoping that he'd do that at some pont. After all, this tour had only just begun.

Shit. I was alone and naked in an unlocked dressing room. I quickly picked up and put on all of my discarded clothes, thanking whatever was up there that no one had returned.
Tags: charlie simpson, charlie simpson/mateo camargo, fic, fightstar, madina lake, mateo camargo, slash
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