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The world ceases turning

Sigh. I managed to pull the comp plug out again. I'm seriously gonna tape the lead to the edge of the bed so it doesn't happen again. I lost all of the fic I'd started, but I'm back to where I was with it. I hate doing that cause it'll always be different then the first try. It really pisses me off.

I hope to have it done soon.

Reaper's repeated in a few at 11. Yay! I knew it would be, so I'm glad I'm right. I hope the signal's alright downstairs next week, cause I'll have to watch it Wednesday.

I really think this is an interesting idea. If anyone wants to do mine they can, though I doubt anyone will.

The bed's mostly done so it should be alright tonight. Back to how it's meant to be, just the unicorns and a few clothes.

I'm off again now.

Edit: And now, mum's fucked up the plug again and I have rewrite it a third fucking time. Bah.
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