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No, the transmission was garbled. He promised you in pieces

I am extremely tired, you wouldn't believe. I got only 1 hour's sleep (and I doubt it was that much) due to loud winds. I didn't drift off till 7am.

Thusly, most of this post (the bullet point parts), was written out then. However, this first part isn't.

Today's been busy, I've filled out forms, been shopping with mum and seen nan. I can't change the course and I'm stuck with David. He is a horrible 'tutor.' During the days I spent with him he:
*Said that 'you're here because someone failed you... or you're too lazy'
*He wouldn't leave someone who'd been caring for their dying partner alone
*After someone had a call about their nan in hospital he told them to get out and had their money suspended for 6 months
*He believes that friends want you to fail
*He perved on the female's in the group, rather belatantly
*He looked at me nastily

The tutor I saw today doesn't like him either. Apparently he doesn't clear up at lunch and doesn't make anyone drinks. I'm sure there's more to it then that though, there's a seething hatred. I'm glad it's shared.

Oh, and did I mention, he's in his sixties.

Shopping was boring, though we're now stoked up on pizza's, smiley faces and other shit from Iceland. I got a Yu-Gi-Oh dvd from a charity shop, cause it intrests me. it's the 7th volume hough, so I probably won't understand it. Anyone know anything?

Nan was unresponsive. I don't like it. Normally she smiles or looks at me and there's... something there. These two times, there's been nothing at all. Maybe she's gone already.

Next week'll be so much better. I'll be seeing Bulelt, getting triops, pestering Claire and getting Umbrella Academy.

I also ficced last night, if anyone wants to read.

I'll leave with the bullet points from last night. I'm gonna lay down.

Things that annoy me:
*The writers of MCR: there's 10 possible interband pairings alone and yet people only really focus on one (Frankie/Gerard) where's all the others?
*As a matter of fact, where's all the MCR fic gone now, there's so little of it
*Actually, where's all the slash writers gone? It seems most comm's are at a standstill and I don't get why. Are people just not writing anymore? And why are some bands overlooked completely? Especially British bands (Bullet, Fightstar, Lostprophets etc) even though they've done slashy things?
*Spammers on AIM, who then act all innocent. Bah
*People who read fic but don't comment (I think a lot of people who read my fic don't comment anymore, why is that?)
*That I can't find any X-Files music sites, I'm trying to find the chanting/music from Within/Wthout.
*That I can't see The Blackout
*That Pokemon isn't shown on terrestrial/digital channels and hasn't been for years (bar the films) despite the series still going
*The wind, meaning I literally only had an hour's seep
*That Americans get cool free stuff
*Religious nut jobs, as always

Things that amuse me:
*crossbow1 and her ilk. Why criticise fic and writing when you can't write yourself?
*Will And Grace

Things that I'll be doing over the next few days:
*Today-Monday: Finish watching The X-Files season 8
*Today: start Kerrang 2008 series
*Today: Finish clearing bed
*Tomorrow: Do next part of Plaything
*Sunday: Move/sort out other stuff
*Monday: Check money's in account
*Monday: Finish readying things
*Tuesday: Mikeysaur!
*Wednesday: Kerrang
*Wednesday (possibly): do a my life in pictures thing, even though it'll be not interesting
*Wednesday: Torchwood!
*Thursday: ???
*Friday: Bullet gig! Plus, trading in aerial and getting Umbrella Academy
*Friday: Meeting Claire and having her stay, yay!
*Saturday: 30 Seconds, Sweeny Todd

Things/Fandoms that need to be done more:
*Ray porn
*Bob porn
*Bullet fic
*Fightstar fic
*Lostprophets fic
*Madina Lake fic
*Machine Head fic
*BMTH/Sykecest fic
*Johnny Devine fic
*Worm fic
*Spencer fic
*Trivium fic
*The Used fic
*The Blackout fic
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