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No Way Out

No Way Out
Pairing: wiL Francis/Gareth Lawerence/Matthew Davies, wiL Francis/James Davies/Gavin Butler, James Davies/Rhys Lewis, wiL Francis/Rhys Lewis
Rating: NC-17
POV: wiL
Warnings: Bondage, spanking
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
Sequel to Taste Of Cum which I forgot I was meant to do until now. Gavin's chest is shown here

I grunted around Sean's length, tasting my ass and his cum on him. My hole wasn't rempty for very long, as an erect cock slammed inside me, taking over from Sean's. It was thicker then the blonde's, so it hurt slighty despite the recent fucking. I groaned around the dick in my mouth, hearing him laugh above me. He wouldn't be laughing so much if the force of the thrusts caused me to bite him. My nose was buried in his thick, dark curls as he thurst his softening member between my lips. He was almost clean now, but I suspected he was just trying to get hard again now. I wasn't going to put any extra effort into doing so, despite my position. I heard him growl from above, then his cock slipped out of my mouth before slapping me across the face with it.

"Mouth's free." He called to the others as he left my view, going to sit on one of the bunks. The guy behind me increased his pace on my ass, slamming harder and faster. I looked behind me to see who he was. He was larger guy who'd watched us fuck and had been jacking off. His body was rounder then Sean and his dark hair hung either side of his face. His hands ran up and down my sweaty back, his tips stroking along my spine. His thrusts were now as rough as Sean's were, though I guessed he wasn't doing it to try and intentionally hurt me, like Sean's had.

I shook such thoughts from my head as another dick appeared in front of my face. I took it between my lips, this one slimmer then Sean's length. I moved my lips down his stiffness fairly easily, hearing him moan in pleasue above me. I wondered if the noise they were making was going to disturb their remaining band members. I guessed it had and they were just watching, waiting their turn or just blocking it out. The guy above me tangled his hands in my hair and I looked at him, seeing him smirk at Sean. He pulled from my lips slightly, leaving just his head in my mouth, which I slathered with my tongue. "We'll untie you when we cum on one condition." I kept my eyes on him, wanting him to tell me what it was as I swiped my tongue over his slit. "I'm going to ask you a question. Get it right, you get off the bus and can go to your own. Get it wrong and you're stuck here until we arrive at the next venue. What are our names?" He nodded to the guy buried inside me.

Shit. I had no fucking idea. Think wiL, think. He pulled his cock from me, rubbing his tip over my lips. Apart from Sean I knew one other name, James. I also knew there was a guy whose name started with an M. I took a deep breath, deciding to take a chance. "James and Micheal?"

He chuckled and shook his head, forcing his cock back down my throat. "Wrong. I'm Mathew, that's Gareth." He nodded to the one fucking me. "James isn't in you yet. And there's no Micheal." Shit. "You're in for a long night wiL." His cock moved in and out of my mouth, his hands gripping onto my hair tightly. I heard Gareth groan from behind me, his dick slamming harder into my opening. I let out a groan around him, my dick pressing hard against the table. My length was hard, despite the pain from it being pinned between the wood and my belly. Matthew moaned softly avbove me and I felt the boy's cock spray against the back of my throat. I closed my eyes, swallowing quickly so as not to choke on the thick fluid. He panted heavily above me, his dick softening between my lips. He pulled away from me, gripping his base and wiping his sticky shaft over his face. "You're not a bad cock sucker." He smiled down at me, ruffling my hair before leaving my sight.

I turned to the corridor, squeezing my asshole around Gareth's cock as I did so. Two guys were standing, which Matthew wbody between to sit beside Sean. One of them was naked, with a shaved head and a boy with black hair and a bandana kneeled in front of him, sucking his dick. The other guy had facial hair and I recognised him as the band's other vocalist. He was, like Gareth, more rounded then the rest, but nonetheless attractive. He smiled at me, his dick protruding from the gap in his black boxers, throbbing and leaking.

I felt the bus start to shake, then heard it start up. No way out now. I felt it move from the space it was parked in, the vibrations going through my body. "Fuck.." I felt Gareth slam into me one last time, before pulling out of my asshole. He hadn't cum yet, so I wondered why. It was obvious when he was in front of my face, jacking himself off. His fat dick twitched noticeably before shooting in six thick bursts. The first landed in my open mouth, the second covered my chin and upper neck, the third hit my nose and cheeks, while the forth hit my forehead and the final two blasts landed in my dark locks. He grinned down at me and I quickly closed my eyes as his cock headed toward them, wiping of the last dribbles on my eyelids.

I watched as he moved to my side, settling on the coach and bringing his legs up, resting them on my back. I groaned slightly at the feeling as his heels pressed against me, though it felt strange it made my dick twitch. I wished one of them would touch me, though I didn't dare ask. The two guys still standing looked at me. "Tell him who you are." I heard Gareth say to them both and blushed, wishing he didn't have to get them to.

The larger male spoke first, smiling and running his fingertips of one hand over his shaft, the other on his belly. It looked so soft. "I'm Gavin." I smiled at him briefly, then looked at the other one.

"I'm James, the name you got right." He smirked, running his hands through the other guy's hair, pulling him from his dick to turn and face me. "And this is Rhys." He smiled at me, his lips wet with saliva from sucking James. He looked at Gavin with a wide grin. "You wanna fuck him?" Gavin merely shook his head, keeping his eyes on me. "Suit yourself." James came over to me, positioning himself at my ass and thursting his dick into me. I groaned softly, though he wasn't as big as Gareth so there was no pain.

Gavin slowly made his way over to me, settling on the coach in front of my face. Due to his position it was his belly, not cock, that was before me. "Lick." He whispered softly, resting back. I nodded slightly, extending my tongue and lapping at his skin as James fucked my ass. I licked circles over his slightly sweaty skin. I squeezed myself around James' member as he slammed into me, moaning softly as he did so. One of Gavin's hands was in my hair, tangling it into my strands but not pushing me down. I dipped my tongue into his belly button, wiggling it slightly. He moaned softly above me, and I pulled back, trailing my tongue over his skin. As James slapped my ass I moved my head down, lapping at his over hang as best I could. When he saw what I was trying to do he lift his belly with one hand, allowing me to get in deep. The smell of him was strong, enthralling. It made me even more aroused. He seemed content to let me lick there, not trying to push me lower to his cock. He was purring in pleasure, his head tipped back. I was sure to him this must feel as good as a blow job. It was a strange thing, but I kept doing it. James sped up, hitting my ass harder with each thrust passing thrust. I kept squeezing around him, though since this was my third fuck with no real break my muscles were getting tired. I get my attention on Gavin, slathering his lower belly with my tongue. "That feels so good..." I heard him whisper from above and I smiled against his skin.

"How about another challenge?" I side glanced at Gareth as he moved his heels over my back slowly. "Make Gavin cum without touching his dick or balls. If you succeed, we'll untie you, Rhys'll give you head and you'll get a break, which I'm sure you need." I wasn't sure I could do it, but I nodded. It was worth a shot.

James pounded away at my ass and I finally gave up on clenching, realising he wouldn't feel it at the pace he was going. I glanced at Gavin's arousal, noting how the tip looked shiny with precum and that his shaft was twitching. Maybe I could do this after all. I planted kisses along his belly underside, then resumed licking hungrily. His hands tightened on my hair, a groan passing his lips. I moved up, back over his stomach, dipping my tongue into his wet navel as I did so. "Lean forward." He did as I requested and I moved my tongue upward. He had a pair of small titties and I trailed my tongue over his skin once more, suckling on the nipple of the left one first. He groaned once more and I could feel him arch up. I moved to the other, wrapping my lips around the hardened teat, flicking my tongue over it. I felt James shoot deep inside me, but didn't care. I was close to freedom, I knew it.

"Fuck!" He pushed me off his nipple and moved back, pushing me back into the overhang. I knew why. He was close and wanted to get his load on me. I didn't mind, I loved his scent and taste. I kept working my tongue around the area, feeling James leave me and a hot, eager tongue pushed inside me, lapping his cum from me. I had a feeling it was Rhys. Without being touched I felt Gavin's cock erupt, his seed splashing over my throat. I smiled, hearing Gareth gasp in disbelief. I moved down, licking the last few drops from his head, then looked at Gareth. I felt hands untie my restraints, but didn't see who did so. Gareth kept his feet on me and I looked back at him.

"Didn't say you could move." He smirked, as Gavin's hands pushed my body back enough for my cock to spring from the surface of the table. Rhys' mouth instantly left my hole and engulfed my shaft. I'd not last long, they'd been pretty dead on my spot, but the table pressed against me stopped me from blowing my load. He sucked eagerly, his head moving up and down at a quick, fluid pace. Now there was a well trained cock sucker. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, his fingers fondling my full balls. I pressed my hips against his face, knowing I'd cum. He knew that, but that only seemed to make him work hard, to squeeze his lips tighter and lick quicker with his tongue.

"Shit..." I groaned out, squirting down his throat. he remained in place, taking every single drop I had to offer before he moved. I panted heavily, feeling two more sets of feet on my back. One set of feet, the legs going over my head, were gavin's, he others I guessed were James'.

"This is your rest. You won't spreak, you will just remain there as our foot rest, understand?" I nodded at Gareth's words, then felt his and James' feet move along my back, three more sets resting on me a few moments later. One pair was on each ass cheek. I heard the Tv flick on and a film start up and I sighed. Still, this was better then getting plowed all night. At least I'd be able to sit in the morning. I hoped.
Tags: aiden, fic, gareth lawerence, gavin butler, james davies, matthew davies, rhys lewis, sean smith, slash, the blackout, wil francis
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