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This is who we are

Ugh, I'm so tired, yet I've only just woke up. I wanna go back to bed already. So the course place finally decided to call when I was both here and awake. I have to go in tomorrow at 10 (an hour after normal going in time) to fill out forms. So in the end I've not wasted the 6 days I was probably meant to be in and all I have to do is go in a bit tomorrow and that's it. Still have to go in for next one, but I might tell him about that when I go in. He's still only tried to contact me this week though, probably yesterday while I was out too. So fucking pointless.

Why did my mind get an image of Ianto showing Jay round the Hub last night?

Speaking of Jay he sounds so cute and looks so pretty just hope your speakers can pick it up cause the volume's fucked up for some reason.

So I ficced last night when I started watching Season 8 of The X-Files. I'm through disc one now. Disc two starts today.

The MCR dates are a fake, so how the hell did they get on the offical site? Now I need to get NME, cause there's a hot poster in it.

I might write something today, not sure. Then again, I said yesterday I wouldn't and then I did. I guess we'll see. I need to clear bed the next few days.

On one of the gig days I'll take the aerial in and trade it in to get Triops and some off figures.
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